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Dixieland Delight

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Nick Falls for OnStar Girl

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Honored to Fly This Flag

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Hanging on the wall in my “man cave” are some pretty special keepsakes near and dear to my heart. Most are animals, some are photos and now there is flag. This American Flag was given to me by Army Staff Sergeant Conrad Menard and it has quite the history.

Menard and his team provide security for commodities transported from base to base in Afghanistan. Due to regulations, they are unable to fly the flag outside of their vehicles when traveling between bases and this particular flag was flown inside the truck of the convoy commander on a mission that went off without a hitch. The Flag is also signed by the entire team!

“I sent this flag for what you do and the meaning they bring to the word ‘Brotherhood’,” Menard wrote in the letter accompanying the flag.  “We all come from different backgrounds and even have our differences, but when it came to the mission, we all knew that the lives of each other could be trusted and watched out by our brothers on the road.

“I showed season two to the soldiers and when they watch it they understood the meaning and were brought to light when the statement was made ‘Our culture was made on the HUNTER’ and how it is in our blood to protect and provide for our brothers.”

Each time I look at the flag on the wall, I am reminded how blessed I am to have men and women like Conrad Menard, his team and all the troops serving our country on my side and taking care of business both at home and on foreign soil. It means a lot to be offered and display this flag, which has flown in the face of the enemy, on behalf of the brave team. No matter how dusty it may be from the desert sand, or tattered from the wind, these colors will never fade! Thanks so much to Menard and his brothers for bestowing this great honor onto me.

I have learned that Menard is heading home to spend some time with his family and do some hog hunting in Texas.  I wish you the best of luck brother! And to all our troops, I pray for your safe return!

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Bama Turkey

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Nick Scorpion

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Turkey time

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Nick goes Fishing

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Watching GMAS

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Edwin Lost

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GMA Award

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