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Edwin on the Mullie hunt in NE

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We are literally in the stalk 2nd day trying to stalk up on Mullie

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The Colorado Kids

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Nick and Dad just returned back from a 10 day killing spree in the Rockies where they were hunting with Atkinson Expeditions. Six animals took a dirt nap on camera, all of which will be seen in February on Bone Collector only on Outdoor Channel. The guys were expecting an awesome hunt, but never imagined how many animals were walkin' around. Seeing over 200 antelope, 150 mule deer and over 250 elk in a single day about drove Papa Waddell ape, considering he only had one tag for goats and one for elk. Good thing Nick was there to shoot before Edwin got a chance! The guys learned that an antelope can't hold a .50 bullet out of the T/C Bone Collector Triumph muzzleloader at 210 yards, and a big bull elk does not like a .300 mag coming from the Remington. But hey, everyday is a good day to learn something.

Hunting with Atkinson Expedition was an absolute blast. Some of the most hard-working and knowledgable guides we have ever hunted with. Not many places can you go and see so many unpressured animals. Thanks to Wes, Miles, Rob and Jeremy for truly a hunt of a lifetime!


Socializing over Caribou

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I am back from Adak Island and the DIY hunt with the boys from FMP. With a yearly rain fall of 64 inches, winds speeds gusting up to 60 mph, and the home of two volcanoes, this sets the stage for a very adventurous  DIY hunting/camping trip. Some say Adak is where wind is created. The soldiers established a saying back in the 50's "There is a beautiful girl behind every tree" which drives home the fact there are no trees on Adak. This was a 14 day trip allowing 4 days for travel alone. As you'll see it was successful in the fact the boys found Caribou, but getting back into the main interior of the island became the true challenge.

Now I don't want to spoil the show for you. But what I do want to do is reflect on the hunt and the social aspect of it. What an awesome and trying hunt. There truly is something about these DIY trips that make them different from chasing Thunder Chickens or Freak Nasties, and, after looking back at our time on Alaska, I think I can put my finger on it.

If you know me, you know I am a people person, but being social in the field can be hard when hunting critters like deer or turkey. You wake up before the sun and your buddies break camp and head their separate ways to their stand or blind. You sit all day hoping to see some action and then return to camp exhausted and snappishly catch up on the day’s events before going to bed.

Caribou hunting is just the opposite of this. It is more like a social duck or bird hunt. If you are in the thick of the migration, action can be fast, but mostly everyone is relaxed and having a good time. You can spot game as a group and then watch from a distance as one person makes the final stalk.

This type of hunting reminds me of the love I have of chasing monster muleys out West. You get a chance to formulate a plan as a group and put it into action. I love to hunt on my own too, but there are times when things happen, that are funny, awe-inspiring and downright strange. I’ll often think to myself, "Just wait to they hear about this back at camp…no one will believe me." And of course there are the embarrassing bloopers of missed shots, stumbles and mistakes that you are glad no audience was around for.

But I think variety is good, and giving your buddies encouragement when they are down, advice when they are unsure and gentle ribbing when they mess up builds camaraderie. It’s great to stand over a caribou and celebrate with those closest to you no matter who made the killed shot. It was truly a please getting to hunt with Anthony and Shawn and it was truly an adventure I'll never forget.

I love that bowhunting offers both types of hunts – social ones like ‘bou chasing and muley stalking and isolated ones like turkey and deer hunting. Because each and every hunt is unique and sometimes you want to share it with others and sometimes you just want to test your personal will and enjoy God’s creation by yourself.

Below you'll find a gallery of images from out trip to Adak Island. What started as an adventure to see if there where any big caribou left on the island ended in great friendships and memories that will last forever. You can look for this episode to air on Outdoor Channel the end of January or beginning of February.



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Mountaintop Throne

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Nick After Speedgoats

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Edwin in the Rockies

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Alaskan Surprise

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Travis Gives Back

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Baby Bonecollector

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Alligator Hunt

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