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@123lpnnurseman I am a southerner!!! South Dakota!!!!

10/24/2014 9:23 AM

Don't ever question the go power of @badboybuggies ! Slid into a muddy, nasty ditch tonight but my buggy saved the day!!! Awesome rig!!!!

10/23/2014 7:40 PM

@JBushmanTweets I guess that's why they call it home court advantage!!!!hahajaha. Good luck Champ!:)

10/23/2014 5:12 PM

@JBushmanTweets we should move the Squirrel Master Classic to WI!!! Loads of the little mongrels around and it may keep you from cheating??

10/23/2014 5:05 PM

@big_george74 @NateHosie I wish I had one, then I wouldn't have to live in a tree ! I love it tho ! #blessed

10/23/2014 4:52 PM
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Lost Luggage

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