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Typical morning texting with BC producer @JasonHeathcoe #gobblerhunting pic.twitter.com/AMF68GxEOC

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Love watching some Sanford and Son and Ol Archie Bunker. #oldschooltv

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ScentBlocker's tree stand safety products are the best I've used. They're comfortable, fast and easy to put on... fb.me/33F5VGrmT

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A frame of video from yesterday's GA hunt. So cool to have em this close! fb.me/6w04ojdO9

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Can I get a retweet @BoogerBottom. Funky Chicken is awesome. Me and my son doubled up on Michigan opening day pic.twitter.com/ZJj7BC0NXB

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Bone Collector Hunts Mexico Whitetails

Posted in Michael's Blog on December 22, 2009 | Comments

It was only my second time to hunt MX and I can say it definitely won’t be my last! This trip had been on the books for over a year. Jackie Bushman had invited me and the Bone Collector production crew to be part of a sweepstakes hunt he had been doing annually, where a lucky hunter would have a chance to hunt MX with MX outfitters unlimited by entering at buckmasters.com.

There has been a lot of controversy on the news about crossing the border and a lot of press on the hassle with hunting MX. I can say that this was not the case. We flew into Del Rio, TX and Clay Young and his crew escorted us across the border in Acuna, MX without any problems what so ever, as a matter of fact we stopped and did a quick tour of Acuna which is where the movie Desperado was shot.

The Ranch we hunted had great accommodations and the deer were high in numbers and every sit we saw at least 10 to 15. Due to the drought this past spring the antler growth was off a little but we were seeing plenty of 140 to 150 class deer and mature deer every hunt.

When it was all said and done the whole hunting party filled their tags, Jackie, myself and the sweepstakes hunters went home with trophies!

I used my Hoyt to anchor my management buck, which was an 130 inch 8 pt and I broke out my Remington 300 ultra mag to smoke down a really nice 155 inch 12 pt.

MX was laid back and had plenty of blood trails! I can’t wait to go back!

For more info on hunting Mexico call Clay Young at 830-778-1531

Waddell's Mexico Whitetail Waddell MX Whitetail with rifle