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Typical morning texting with BC producer @JasonHeathcoe #gobblerhunting pic.twitter.com/AMF68GxEOC

04/24/2014 7:20 AM

Love watching some Sanford and Son and Ol Archie Bunker. #oldschooltv

04/23/2014 9:01 PM

ScentBlocker's tree stand safety products are the best I've used. They're comfortable, fast and easy to put on... fb.me/33F5VGrmT

04/23/2014 10:37 AM

A frame of video from yesterday's GA hunt. So cool to have em this close! fb.me/6w04ojdO9

04/22/2014 7:49 AM

Can I get a retweet @BoogerBottom. Funky Chicken is awesome. Me and my son doubled up on Michigan opening day pic.twitter.com/ZJj7BC0NXB

04/21/2014 7:52 PM
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The Colorado Kids

Posted in Michael's Blog on October 21, 2011 | Comments
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Nick and Dad just returned back from a 10 day killing spree in the Rockies where they were hunting with Atkinson Expeditions. Six animals took a dirt nap on camera, all of which will be seen in February on Bone Collector only on Outdoor Channel. The guys were expecting an awesome hunt, but never imagined how many animals were walkin' around. Seeing over 200 antelope, 150 mule deer and over 250 elk in a single day about drove Papa Waddell ape, considering he only had one tag for goats and one for elk. Good thing Nick was there to shoot before Edwin got a chance! The guys learned that an antelope can't hold a .50 bullet out of the T/C Bone Collector Triumph muzzleloader at 210 yards, and a big bull elk does not like a .300 mag coming from the Remington. But hey, everyday is a good day to learn something.

Hunting with Atkinson Expedition was an absolute blast. Some of the most hard-working and knowledgable guides we have ever hunted with. Not many places can you go and see so many unpressured animals. Thanks to Wes, Miles, Rob and Jeremy for truly a hunt of a lifetime!

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