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Deer Hunting | Scent Control Techniques for Early Season Bow Hunting

Improve Your Scent Control When Deer Hunting With These 4 Scent Control Basics.

You have heard it time and time again, both scent control and hunting the wind have been drilled into your head. As of now you have formed either one of two opinions. You either completely agree and feel scent control is vital when deer hunting, or you could care less and think you will get away with it. Given your opinion, one could make an assumption of whether or not you’re a bow hunter or firearms hunter. The bow hunters experience the importance of scent control on those muggy, mosquito filled afternoon hunts of early fall, when deer could smell the coffee you had that morning from a mile away. On the other hand, a firearms hunter may sit comfortably in a box blind, drinking coffee with 30 deer in a cut corn field, with not a moment of attention paid to scent control. The big difference is obviously humidity which is a big deal for a deer’s nose. For all the bow hunters eagerly awaiting to jump into that muggy humid stand for 4 hours, make it worth your while using these scent control techniques!

It’s no secret that companies have made big bucks off of scent control clothing and products, but it’s no gimmick. If you are sitting there wondering, “well I see deer and don’t have anything for my scent” then you have no idea what you’re missing! Without you knowing deer have been avoiding your area well before you see them. If you want to make the most out of your deer hunting season take a look at each level of basic scent control to see what you can improve upon.

Level 1: The Base Layer

Carbon based clothing technology has made huge strides in recent years. A good base layer of scent control clothing way to start minimizing your scent this season. Rubber boots also help tremendously and work well in the humid, warm weather of the early season.

Level 2: You

Eat your breakfast or dinner, drink your coffee, and then take a shower using scent products. You should also consider scent free deodorant, and brushing your teeth with scent free tooth paste. It may seem over board, but coffee breath or other food odors are lot stronger to a deer. if your wife or husband hates your breath, no way you can get it passed a deer!

Level 3: Sprays and Detergents

Washing clothes in scent free detergent and hanging them outside to dry is a huge stride in controlling your scent. Spraying odor eliminators in the field on your clothes and body helps, but don’t forget about your equipment like camera gear, hunting pack, and gun or bow.

Level 4: Getting to the field

Keeping your washed and dried cloths in scent controlled storage will keep them from picking up odors in the house and on the way to the field before deer hunting. Not putting on your clothes until you are in the field goes a long way in avoiding contamination from filling up with gas, your auto air freshener, or any other odors that you may come in contact with.

The humidity of the early season makes it hard to fool a deer’s senses but improving on these 4 basic levels of scent control is a good start.

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