15 Father’s Day Gift Ideas for the Outdoorsman

Father’s Day Gift Ideas for the Outdoorsman

Father’s Day is right around the corner and your time to show appreciation to the father in your life is quickly approaching! Father’s Day happens to take place in the year’s calendar just months before the fall hunting seasons start. This means that any gift that compliments an outdoorsman’s passion or lifestyle will be much appreciated with only a few short months to the start of hunting season. We’ve put together 15 Father’s Day gift ideas for the outdoorsman that any hunter and sportsmen would love to get their hands on!

1. Havalon BC Rebel

A new pocket knife that can be doubled as a great hunting knife is one gift idea that won’t disappoint! This knife will last them forever as it comes with Havalon Knives’ “always sharp” replacement blade system. Because the knife comes with these 6 razor sharp blades, this classic pocket knife doubles as a great hunting and field dressing knife.

2. BC Morrell Target

The next couple of months leading up to hunting season will be filled with plenty of target practice. If the Outdoorsman in your life is shooting at the same worn out archery target a new one could be a sight for sore eyes!


3. T.R.U. Ball T-Rex Release

This bow release is new for the 2018 season and combines the reliability of a hunting release with the standards of a competition release.

4. G5 DeadMeat Broadhead

A bow hunter always needs new broadheads before the start of deer season. Gifting new broadheads for Father’s Day will give them plenty of time to practice with the new Ballistic Match Point system for the new G5 DeadMeat mechanical broadhead.

5. Bone Collector Men’s Polo

A new Bone Collector inspired golf and lifestyle polo shirt can bridge the gap between casual wear and other hobbies with the outdoorsman’s true lifestyle and passion. Check out the new Bone Collector Polo Shirt that comes in Black and Heathered Gray.

6. Dead Ringer Bow Sight

Another great Father’s Day gift idea for an outdoorsmen could be a new bow sight! It might be a long overdue upgrade for their bow making it the perfect gift a couple months before hunting season. The Bone Collector Dead Ringer Bow Sights feature experience and feature driven products that meet any bow hunter’s demands.

7. C-EZ reflective wraps

Another great idea to complement a new broadhead or bow sight is some reflective arrow wraps. Besides adding some flair to your hunter’s bow hunting setup, the wraps make it easier to find arrows after the shot.

8. New Scent Control System

One gift idea might be a much-needed addition to your hunter’s arsenal. A new scent control system like the Ozone Gear Bag, Tote, or Hunter’s Closet could be the edge needed result in a productive season this year.

9. Wireless Trail Camera

One gift idea that could have a profound impact on your outdoorsman’s season could be a wireless trail camera. A trail camera that can relay current and up to date information is hunting instrument with unmatched importance when it comes to scouting and observation. Learn more about how to purchase and set up a wireless trail camera as a Father’s Day gift here.

10. Drake Non-Typical Hunting Clothing | Realtree Camo

If you are really wanting to blow an outdoorsman away one gift idea might be to give them a new set of hunting clothing. The Non-Typical Whitetail Camo Clothing Line, including a shirt, jacket, bibs, pants, and gloves available here, is everything a hunter needs to upgrade his field wardrobe.

11. Bone Collector Scents

One gift idea that can be tacked on to an assortment of other outdoor and hunting related gifts could be some fresh deer scents. A variety of deer scents or scent elimination products from Bone Collector could offer a much-needed stockpile of scents before hunting season.

12. Tactacam

Would the Outdoorsman your buying for enjoy filming his hunts? If so, a new tactacam could be a great gift. The opportunity to capture next season’s hunts will definitely create some excitement out of a Father’s Day gift!

13. Hoyt REDWRX Carbon RX-1 Bow

If you really want to go all out for your Father’s Day gift idea, a brand new Hoyt REDWRX Carbon RX-1 Bow is just the thing. Go over to Hoyt and order the right REDWRX just in time for the big day.

14. Can Cooker

Want a gift idea that you might benefit from? A new Can Cooker comes with a host of wild game recipes that you and the family can enjoy for years to come!

15. Bone Collector Swag

The last idea may result in your outdoorsman toting some new Bone Collector Swag! Check out the assortment of outdoor lifestyle and Bone Collector hats, shirts, and other clothing!


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