2017 “Season 9” Bone Collector Guide

2017 “Season 9” | The What, When, and Where of the Bone Collectors!

What’s new for Bone Collector in 2017? How about another…scratch that, “bigger and better” season of bone collecting madness! A skeptic? Check out the season 9 trailer!

Bone Collector Season 9 Hype Preview | Official Trailer
This could be the best Season in Bone Collector history… Watch Season 9 of Michael Waddell’s Bone Collector on The Outdoor Channel!


Bone Collector 2017

This guide will answer your questions! What questions? How about what is new? What is old? What all is out there?!  If you love all things deer hunting, elk hunting, turkey hunting, squirrel hunting….basically anything outdoors, than the brotherhood is where you belong!
This is a guide on the when, where, and what of the Bone Collectors. When the content will be available, where it is located, and what all it entails! Check out everything below to check out how to stay connected with the Bone Collectors 24/7!

(NEW) Season 9 Episodes

The Bone Collectors are back for Season 9! The new season 9 episodes of Bone Collector will air on Outdoor Channel.

Air Times:
New Episodes Tuesdays @ 5:30 PM ET
Thursdays @ 7:30 PM ET
Sundays @ 10:30 PM ET

The Bone Collector Episode Guide can be found at OutdoorChannel.com

(NEW) Bone Collector on MyOutdoorTV

Another brand new development for the Bone Collector crew is the recent jump onto MyOutdoorTV. Every episode of the past seasons of Bone Collector will now be readily available at your fingertips, anytime…anywhere! Click the link below to see more information.


Brotherhood Blog

Do you want to see even more of the Bone Collector crew, beyond the air time and past episodes? Whether it’s while you are watching the show, on your lunch break, or in the stand you can always access this custom curated content resource. The Bone Collector Brotherhood Blog constantly provides you with tips, tactics, guides, how to’s, and exclusive content on relevant topics, as well as keeping you up to date with the latest news on the crew!


Bone Collector YouTube

Beyond the new episodes airing on the Outdoor Channel, past episodes on MOTV, and consistent new and relevant blogs, the Bone Collector YouTube Channel has received an overhaul! Check out the link below and subscribe to see exclusive clips, videos, and content!


Bone Collector Social

Want to stay connected and have the content and latest news come to you? Follow Bone Collector’s social channels to stay up to date with Michael, Nick, and T-bone!

Michael Waddell on Twitter:https://twitter.com/BoogerBottom (@Boogerbottom)
Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/MWbonecollector/bone-collector-blog/

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