A Guide To Turkey Hunting Gear in 2020

If you’re looking for great news, we’ve got some for you. Before you know it, spring turkey season will be here again – that long-awaited time we anticipate all winter. But when it arrives, are you going to be caught by surprise again, scrambling to round up your turkey hunting gear right before opening day? Or will you be ready this year? Planning ahead will save you a lot of headaches later and maybe make you more successful. We’ve rounded up a guide to 2020 turkey hunting gear list to help you prepare. These turkey hunting essentials include a turkey call, shotgun, shotgun shells, some camo, and a willingness to learn and spend time in the woods. But as you progress and improve your turkey hunting skill set, you’ll want more and a variety of equipment to suit your hunting style. At Bone Collector, our style is a mix of world champion turkey calling mixed with decades of chasing turkeys all around the US. Here’s some of the best new gear to look at this year for turkey season.


1) The Toughest Ground Blind. Ever.

There’s a time and place to hunt turkeys from a ground blind. While some prefer the run and gun approach and sitting up against a tree, there are plenty of situations that hunting turkeys from a ground blind play a huge role. Maybe it’s over a food plot where a stubborn, penned up gobbler frequents, or just a better way to take a kid to enjoy hunting these birds – a ground blind makes for a different experience in the turkey woods and allows for much more movement. Rhino Blind has a Bone Collector edition available in Realtree Edge or Timber, perfect for all turkey hunting habitat. Silent slide windows, 2 sizes, and the toughest blinds available that you can also use during deer season.

2) Our Go-To Turkey Load

Hornady has been our long standing ammunition partner for a decade. There are many strong opinions for the best turkey loads available, but our favorite and most reliable has always been Hornady Heavy Magnum #5 or #6 Turkey Loads. It’s a  Nickel-plated lead shot that won’t break the bank or let you down.  This is our choice for both 12 and 20 gauge shotguns. The nickel plating reduces shot deformation issues and their Versatile Wad keeps patterns tight in whatever choke you decide to use.

3) Turkey Tool

New for 2020. The turkey tool is a patented, Bone Collector exclusive tool that we’re certain every turkey hunter will love. The multi-functionality of the Bone Collector Turkey Tool makes it the Swiss army knife of turkey hunting. First of all, you can use it to measure the beard and spurs on that big ol’ tom. Second, you can clip it on the fan to hold the fan open for the in-the-field pictures. If that’s not enough, you can ditch the old cardboard and pins and simply use the Turkey Tool to cure your fan. The “from the woods to the wall” design even lets you hang your fan when you’re done!

4) Turkey Vest With All the Bells & Whistles

A turkey vest is something that sees a lot of hours in the turkey woods. The Michael Waddell Signature Series Time & Motion Vest 2.0 has all the bells with a little less whistle. 10 custom call pockets, over 20 other pockets, Realtree Timber Camo, this is a comfortable vest that can be passed down generations. The Ol’ Tom turkey collection has lots of camo clothing choices for you. With darker hardwoods patterns and some with lots of light green vegetation, you should be able to find something to hide your profile, be comfortable, and stay undetected.

5) Have You Tried a Bipod?

Swagger Bipods are a real treat for anyone that uses a firearm. Your turkey hunting style may be very active, where you run and gun or even stalk up on them to do some turkey reaping, or it may involve simply sitting in a blind or against a tree. Either way, having a steady shot will help you kill more turkeys. The bipods by Swagger provide a great rest for your shotgun because they are so sturdy, and can be made flexible or rigid with just the push of a button.

6. Turkey Targets

If bow hunting turkeys is more your thing, you need to ensure you get enough practice before the season starts. Shooting at a turkey profile also helps with muscle memory and engrains the image in your mind. Morrell Targets has a great turkey target constructed of self-healing foam, so it can take arrow after arrow. In addition, you can shoot field points, fixed blade broadheads, or mechanical broadheads at it. 

7) Treat Yourself

A side by side can be an extremely valuable tool for a turkey hunter. You may not necessarily need a new side by side or ATV for the property that you hunt, but hey, it’s not going to hurt either. So, if you’ve been wanting to get a new Polaris ATV for your farm or ranch, you can’t beat Sheffield Financial for financing options.

8) Ultimate Everyday Carry

Another staple item on the turkey hunting gear list is a sharp and reliable knife for when it comes time to process your bird. Havalon® has some of the sharpest and best knives out there, and the Rebel is a great multi-purpose knife that makes short work of a turkey. BUT be careful, these are sharpest blades we know of! See it in action in the video below. 

9) POV Camera

It doesn’t matter if you love self-filming your turkey hunts or are just starting to dabble in them, Tactacam has you covered with their amazing products. While you can film a hunt by just attaching a camera to your shotgun, many people are starting to put a scope on their turkey shotguns. If that’s you, you need to try the Tactacam FTS. It attaches to your scope and uses its magnification to enhance the range of your existing Tactacam camera, delivering clearer video out to farther distances. 

10) Turkey Calls…Made in the USA!

Our Turkey Calls are exactly the calls we wanted, built for the brotherhood, and made in the USA. Simple, effective, and something we are very proud to be making. Check them out. #cantstoptheflop

11) The Brotherhood’s Pick: Custom Leather Sling & Belts

One of our most popular items this year is by far the custom leather slings, available with turkey images and a custom name, these slings are made completely in the USA and perfect for your turkey gun. We also have a CSTF belt.