3 Great Things About the Non-Typical™ Clothing by Drake®

Best Deer Hunting Clothing | Non-Typical™ Clothing by Drake®

Looking for new hunting clothing this year? We are confident that we have found some exceptional clothing created by one of the best companies in the business. Here are 3 great things about Drake’s Non-Typical™ deer hunting clothing!

“It is exciting to work with a company that has built a great product like the Non-Typical™ clothing.  However, when you combine the product with the whole family and team behind the company, being every bit of great as the clothing they make…now you have got the perfect situation!” – Michael Waddell

Non-Typical™ Clothing by Drake®

The clothing is designed for early, mid, and late season hunting. It offers an ultra-quiet soft-shell fabric that stretches with your movement. The lining of the fabric is made of a lightweight microfleece for warmth and comfort. Finally, and arguably one of the most important features of the clothing, is its scent control technology. Embedded in the Non-Typical™ clothing is Agion Active XL™ scent control. The Agion Active XL™ offers 360° human odor protection by treating the clothing with a dual-action anti-odor technology. These features create the ideal deer hunting clothing system. Keep reading to find out more about the Drake® Non-Typical™ line!

1. The Best Camouflage Period

Most people might not think about their hunting wardrobe for deer hunting beyond the occasional wash. Deer hunting clothing degrades over time and old camo patterns fade. One of the best features of the Non-Typical™ clothing by Drake® is the Realtree® patterns, which are super realistic, clean, and convincing to deer. The clothing stays crisp in detail, making you blend in perfectly with your surroundings. The clothing and camo combination also limit fading, allowing you to stay concealed for years to come.


2. Quality and Scent Control

When it comes to deer hunting, and more specifically deer hunting clothing, dependability is a must. Nowhere is the quality of clothing more tested than in the duck blind with cold temperatures, freezing water, and sharp ice. Drake took their dependability and touch waterfowl clothing and carried it over to their Non-typical whitetail clothing line. Of course, they couldn’t stop there, scent control had to be integrated. The Non-Typical™ clothing’s Agion Active XL™ Advanced Control technology is anti-odor to keep you scentless for those situations where you can’t avoid the wind.

More often than not, a deer will smell you before seeing or hearing you when you’re in the tree stand. One of the most tried and true hunting tips is to play the wind when you hunt. If you’re always downwind, they can’t smell you. But sometimes you can’t avoid it. Maybe the wind is swirling in a valley or your favorite stand can’t be approached without alerting a doe group. Either way, you need something else to put the odds in your favor! Start your hunt with Bone Collector scent elimination products. From soap, shampoo, and hunting wear foam to sprays, these products will kill odor-causing bacteria on your skin to give you a clean start. From there, your clothing should have some kind of scent control.

3. Quiet and Waterproof Clothing

Waterproof garments are usually extremely noisy – you might as well wear wrapping paper! Non-Typical™ clothing with the plush HydroHush by Drake® fleece material is 100% waterproof and is absolutely silent. When you stalk a bedded deer, walk to your tree stand, or simply need to stretch in the tree, your clothing won’t give you away as long as you move slowly. It also reduces the noise up in the stand, allowing you to hear approaching deer easier while also being able to move silently in preparation for the shot.

Does your deer hunting need an upgrade? If so, take a serious look the Non-Typical™ clothing line from Drake®!


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