4 Incredible Features in the Ultimate Turkey Hunting Clothing

Game Changing Feature Packed Turkey Hunting Clothing

Turkey hunting clothing has come a long way in the last few years. Innovation can be seen in terms of fabrics, camouflage, and design. What is the main driving force behind all the advances in turkey hunting clothes? Turkey hunters. Hunters are requesting and frankly demanding new turkey hunting gear designed around their needs. They expect more functional clothing that helps them be more successful in chasing spring gobblers.

Even with all the advances recently, hunters continue to demand more featured packed clothing for hunting turkeys. It wasn’t until Ol’ Tom™ Technical Turkey Gear stepped up and made the ultimate turkey hunting clothing that those requests were satisfied. Their clothing, particularly their hunting pants and shirts, are simply the most featured rich and functional turkey hunting clothes available.

7 Most Important Items in the Turkey Hunting Clothing System

Before we get into must-have features in your turkey hunting clothes, it is worth talking about the different components that make up a complete clothing system for turkey hunting. The three main areas to focus on are base layers, mid-layers, and outerwear. Within these areas, seven components make up a complete turkey hunting clothing system. No matter the areas or conditions you find yourself in this turkey hunting season, these items and the complete system will cover you day in and day out while you are chasing birds this spring.

  • Base Layers – Lightweight and breathable base layers. Look for fabrics like merino wool that wicks moisture and naturally fight odors. Layering also is important to be adaptable with changing conditions in the spring such as cold mornings and warm afternoons.
  • Mid-Layers – Mid-layers are camo layers such as your pants and shirt. They have to be comfortable enough to wear all day and be functional for changing hunting conditions. Choose light, technical fabrics in the best turkey hunting camo pattern that matches the area you are hunting.
  • Outerwear – Outerwear includes heavier jackets for cooler mornings and rain gear. You do not always have a choice of days to hunt with spring turkey hunting so a lightweight set of rain gear is a necessity.
  • Footwear – Footwear includes socks and boots. Socks should be moisture wicking and boots waterproof and comfortable enough to chase gobblers from ridge to ridge. Depending on where you are hunting and the time of year, snake boots or rubber boots may have to be your footwear of choice.
  • Turkey Vest – One of the most important items and the workhouse of your turkey hunting clothing. It needs to be functional and large enough to carry all the calls and gear you need for the day.
  • Facemask – Concealment is key so having a full coverage facemask is a must. It should be breathable and not too tight so you do not overheat and sweat all day.
  • Gloves – Similar to the facemask, gloves should be made from a breathable fabric. Tight fitting gloves make is easier to change calls or reposition if needed.

4 Game-Changing Features in the Best Turkey Hunting Clothing

The best turkey hunting camo clothing has three characteristics you want to look for. Pay attention to lightweight and breathable fabrics with a flexible construction to keep you concealed and agile from opening day to the last day of turkey hunting season. Ol’ Tom™ turkey clothing has all these characteristics but what makes their clothing unique are the incredible innovative features that improve your chances of tagging out a bird.

  1. Tactical Pockets – There are many situations when turkey hunting where you need to adapt. Being able to quickly grab a different mouth call or change to a glass call can mean the difference when working a bird into range. The same is true if you run and gun a lot for spring birds. Calls and gear have to be accessible quickly as conditions change. The new Ol’ Tom™ tech ¼ zip shirt has two chest pockets for storing your calls and strikers all within fast reach. It allows you immediate access to change calls or it can be a minimalist solution for being more mobile by taking a few reliable calls and forgoing the turkey vest.

  1. Reinforced Protection and Padding in Critical Areas – Getting a spring gobbler takes in many cases hours of patience waiting still for a bird to come in. It is hard to sit when you are not comfortable. The tech stretch Ol’ Tom™ turkey pants integrate padding in key areas like the butt and knees to make those long sits more bearable. They also are reinforced in the butt, knees, and ankles to add additional protection. In addition to all that, they have the same tactical pockets for calls and other turkey hunting gear just like their shirt mentioned above. Often you need to crouch down as you pop up on a bird or you have to sit at a moment’s notice. This is where these features excel over other turkey hunting clothes.

  1. Built-in Spine Pad for Back Support – Not only does your butt take the brunt of sitting but your back is just as likely to be sore and uncomfortable from sitting on the ground. A built-in (and removable) spine pad alleviates this discomfort. Why this matters is you can sit still for longer periods of time. You can also hunt consecutive days without having to deal with a sore back.

  1. Technical Fabric – Days warm up quickly in spring gobbler season. Turkey hunting camo clothing that is designed with the best available technical fabric keeps you cool and relaxed even during the hottest afternoon hunts. A great example is the mesh back flyweight shirt from Ol’ Tom™. It has UPF 50+ sun protection right in the fabric and a mesh back and side panels for exceptional airflow. It is the only shirt on the market with all these features and the technical pockets mentioned earlier, which makes it the ultimate shirt for spring turkey hunting.

The New Michael Waddell Signature Series Vest

For the hunter that wants all the bells but can do with a little less whistle. However, with 10 custom call pockets and over 20 other pockets, the Strap Vest 2.0 carries more gear than most full vests on the market.

The ultimate turkey hunting clothing has arrived. The features packed into the vest, shirts, and pants Ol’ Tom™ Technical Turkey Gear has will forever change your expectations from your clothing system for turkey hunting. The tactical pockets, body support designs, and technical fabric make it the best turkey hunting camo clothing you can wear for spring gobbler season.

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