6 Reasons Why Realtree® EDGE™ is a Game Changer

Realtree® EDGE™ The Best Camo Pattern on the Market

Hunters have any number of options when it comes to selecting among the many camo patterns on the market. The challenge, however, is deciding which one is going to keep you concealed the best in different situationsThe answer, the new Realtree® EDGE™ camo pattern!

Introducing new Realtree® EDGE™, the first camo pattern that allows you to blend into your hunting environment at close range, with natural elements arranged in a way to disrupt the human form at a distance.

Innovations in camo patterns have exploded in the past few years. Every camo company is trying to alter and experiment with new patterns like never before. Realtree® is no different. It has recently revealed its new Realtree® EDGE camo pattern, which is redefining what a camouflage pattern is.

“No matter if you’re up close or way off, you’re still gonna be hidden. I’ve seen a lot of them, I ain’t gonna lie, this one right here could take all – Michael Waddell 

“Bill has done it again!” – Travis “T-Bone” Turner

“Major concealment right here!”Nick Mundt


The New Realtree® EDGE™ Camo Pattern

Camo clothing has been striving towards perfecting concealment for decades. The perfect balance of blending into your surroundings and breaking up your outline has eluded the vast majority of camouflage on the market. Until now, few camo patterns have been able to combine these two factors in concealment. They have spent years researching, designing, and testing the first camouflage pattern that allows you to blend in at close range while disrupting your outline at a distance.  

Realtree® has always stuck to its roots when designing camo clothing for hunters. It has embodied developing the most realistic camo patterns based on natural elements to blend you into any hunting environment. EDGE™ continues this great history. It brings together realistic branches and leaves in the foreground for up close concealment matched with leaves of varying shades and tones and crisscrossed branches to create a random pattern to disrupt your outline. 


6 Reasons Why EDGE™ Camo is a Game Changer

One of the best deer hunting tips to stay hidden is having the right camo clothing. EDGE™ provides you an advantage in the woods six ways other camo patterns don’t.

  1. Disruptive – Pockets of light and shadows that disrupts the human form while also mimicking your natural surroundings. 
  2. Varying Shades of Color – Varying shades and colors of leaves creates a unique random pattern that breaks up your outline in any hunting situation. 
  3. Intersecting Branches – Different sizes, colors and shadows among branches in the pattern completely disrupts your silhouette. 
  4. Concealment – The warm grays and browns combined with shadows of the EDGE™ pattern on camo clothing does an unparalleled job of matching you to your surroundings. 
  5. Abstract Background – An abstract background with realistic branches and leaves in the foreground provide unmatched concealment in any environment. 
  6. Leaves and Branches – The unique combination of leaves and branches in different positions conceal you whether in a tree stand or hunting from the ground.


As you probably have noticed, camo patterns are being redefined. Realtree® EDGE™ camo is leading the way. It brings together the two most important aspects of concealment, matching your surroundings and breaking up your outline. Why wouldn’t you want to hunt with an EDGE™?


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