Michael Waddell Appearances

March 2019

7th Mark’s Outdoors Birmingham, AL

April 2019

6th NWTF Event Southern Maryland Chapter Banquet

May 2019

3rdBlain’s Farm and Fleet Grand Opening Event, Traverse City, Michigan

July 2019

26th & 27th Bowfest, Mont du Lac Resort, Superior, Wisconsin

Nick Mundt Appearances

July 2019

26th & 27th Bowfest, Mont du Lac Resort, Superior, Wisconsin

T-Bone Appearances

Jan 2019

9th – 12th Archery Trade Association Show, Louisville, KY

21st – 24th SHOT SHOW, Las Vegas, NV

Feb 2019

9th Whitetails Unlimited Banquet Lansing, MI

14th – 17th  NWTF National Convention, Nashville, TN

19th – 21st  GAMO Squirrel Master Classic

23rd Whitetails Unlimited Banquet Jackson, TN

March 2019

2nd Whitetails Unlimited Banquet, OH

5th Whitetails Unlimited Banquet, Spring Lake, MI

9th Whitetails Unlimited Banquet, OH

13th Whitetails Unlimited Banquet, Traverse City, MI

15th Whitetails Unlimited Banquet, Mt.Vernon, KY

16th Whitetails Unlimited Banquet, MO

23rd Whitetails Unlimited Banquet, MI

28th Bushnell Shoot, GA

29th Whitetails Unlimited Banquet, OH

April 2019

4th Whitetails Unlimited Banquet, TX

5th NWTF, UT

13th Whitetails Unlimited Banquet, OH

26th Whitetails Unlimited Banquet, OH

27th Whitetails Unlimited Banquet, OH

May 2019

10th Whitetails Unlimited Banquet, PA

11th Whitetails Unlimited Banquet, PA

12th – 18th  Bear Hunt Saskatchewan, CA

18th Whitetails Unlimited Banquet, PA

June 2019

6th – 9th  CMA Fan Fest CHEVY, Nashville, TN

17th – 21st  Whitetails Unlimited Nation Meetings, WI

July 2019

26th – 27th Outdoor Life EXPO, Lakeland, FL

August 2019

1st Whitetails Unlimited Banquet, GA

3rd Deerfest, WI

4th Texas Trophy Hunters Extravaganza CHEVY, Houston, TX

10th & 11th Duck Buck and Bass EXPO, Memphis, TN

16th Texas Trophy Hunters Extravaganza CHEVY, San Antonio, TX

17th Whitetails Unlimited Banquet, Bowling Green, KY

24th – 26th Tennessee Velvet Season

September 2019

14th Whitetails Unlimited Banquet, OH

21st Whitetails Unlimited Banquet, Amory, MS

28th Whitetails Unlimited Banquet, GA

October 2019

15th – 17th Sunbelt AG Expo Chevy, Moultrie, GA