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6 Reasons Why Realtree® EDGE™ is a Game Changer

Realtree® EDGE™ The Best Camo Pattern on the Market Hunters have any number of options when it comes to selecting among the many camo patterns on the market. The challenge, however, is deciding which one is going to keep you concealed the best in different situations? The answer, the new Realtree® EDGE™ camo pattern! Introducing new Realtree® EDGE™, the first camo pattern that allows you to blend […]

Michael Waddell’s Top 3 Rants of 2017

Michael Waddell’s Rants | Best of 2017 Throughout the year Michael has been in the spotlight for his Facebook Live videos. More appropriately simplified to “Michael Waddell’s rants”, these videos can range from a variety of topics. When Michael goes live on Facebook, you better start watching! As 2017 comes to a close we gathered […]

Michael Waddell Live | Hoyt REDWRX RX-1 Bow Review

2018 Hoyt REDWRX RX-1 Bow Review What better way than to do a true and honest new bow review than Facebook Live? Michael Waddell goes live and runs through a Hoyt REDWRX RX-1 Bow Review. You will be as impressed as Michael with this new compound hunting bow from Hoyt! The 2018 Hoyt REDWRX    The all-new 2018 Hoyt REDWRX Carbon Rx-1 Series […]

Gear Up for Gun Season with Michael Waddell

Michael Waddell’s Hunting Gear List November, the rut, and most state’s gun seasons have arrived!  This is the time of year most hunters work so hard for, but unfortunately many are still not ready. This poses the question… Do you have everything you need?  Before you take off to your favorite hunting spot on opening day, it might be a good idea […]

Michael Waddell’s Muzzleloader Hunting Setup

Muzzleloader Hunting Setup With firearms season underway in many states and right around the corner for the majority of the Midwest, we thought it would be appropriate to run through a quick muzzleloader hunting setup. Michael Waddell runs through his own personal muzzleloader hunting setup in the video below! ATTENTION: New opportunity to “Aim to Save” […]