The Best of Can’t Stop The Flop…So Far

Turkey Hunting Campaign | The Best of Can’t Stop The Flop

The #CantStopTheFlop campaign is the greatest turkey hunting campaign of all time. What started in 2016 as a campaign driven by the 2016 presidential elections and political tension in the media, has quickly become the most popular platform for turkey hunters! The campaign took off with custom messages from Michael Waddell and the rest of the Bone Collector crew, along with contests, prizes, and Can’t Stop the Flop apparel. We took some of the most memorable moments in the Can’t Stop The Flop’s history and highlighted them below.

Video | Best Political Campaign To Ever Go Down: Can’t Stop The Flop!

This is the video that started it all!
The most politically correct tour of all time! Can’t Stop the Flop Tour 2016! Coming this early spring!


Video | Can’t Stop The Flop Press Conference #1

A proud member of PETA asks Michael Waddell about how many animals he has killed in his life….


Video | What is Can’t Stop the Flop

For avid Turkey hunters the term Can’t Stop The Flop is pretty self-explanatory, but for those outside of the hunting community it can be a little harder to figure out. Here are some answers we received when asking people around the NWTF show…


Video | Turkey Hunting Kill Shots, 30 Kills in 30 Seconds!

Spring time is for killing turkeys… plain and simple. Thunder chickens, longbeards, Jelly heads, Gobblers… here’s 30 seconds of them getting a face full of lead.


Can’t get enough of the Can’t Stop The Flop campaign? Join the movement below, shop the apparel, and check out the full list of video in the Can’t Stop The Flop playlist!



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