Best Silicone Wedding Ring for Hunters

Best Silicone Wedding Ring for Hunters and Working Men and Women

Bone Collector Founder, Michael Waddell has teamed up with Groove Life, maker of the first breathable silicone wedding ring. These are the best silicone wedding rings for hunters and working men and women. Silicone rings by Groove Life allow you to live day to day life actively, safely, and comfortably.

Why Silicone Wedding Rings?  

Its not hard to understand why a hunter or hard working man or woman would need a silicone ring instead of their metal band. Groove life rings are heat resistant, non-conductive, and an ideal choice for an active lifestyle or work environment for several reasons:  

  • Protecting your finger is an obvious first. Working around machinery or with your hands in any way or fashion, or in the case of hunters climbing a tree stand can allow a normal metal wedding band to catch and severely damage your finger. 
  • Comfort with a traditional wedding ring is something acquired with time. With a breathable silicone wedding ring, the weight, flexibility, and relief from sweat or trapped moisture is a much more comfortable and less distracting option.  
  • Noise with a traditional metal band can cost a hunter an opportunity. This unintended noise is often caused by metal on metal contact while climbing a stand or on a gun, or just simply the thud of your ring on the grip of you bow as you grasp it off the hanger.  
  • Looks cool, versus your traditional wedding ring that is more tradition and less oriented to your lifestyle.

Bone Collector Original Midnight Black/Green Groove Ring Specs:

  • Breathable Design 
  • Lifetime Warranty 
  • Medical Grade Silicone 
  • Width: 8mm or 5/16″ + – 
  • Thickness: 2mm or 3/32″ + – 
  • Patent Pending

NO BS Unlimited 94 Year Warranty!

Groove silicone rings are tough and durable, but in the case your ring gets damaged, cut, stretched, eaten by a pet, or even lost, Groove will replace it! They also feature free exchanges so if you order the wrong size or aren’t satisfied they will ship you a new ring once you send the old ring back!

The Groove Life silicone wedding ring is a must for anyone in the outdoors, or that has an active lifestyle. With the holidays coming up, it’s a no brainer for someone or several people that you know.  

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