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NEW: Bone Collector Bow Sights Coming Soon!

Bone Collector Bow Sights Coming Soon!

Coming soon, the all new line of Bone Collector Bow Sights, built by Dead Ringer, designed by The Brotherhood!

The Bone Collectors, Michael, Nick, and T-Bone, collectively have hours, days, weeks, months, and years’ worth of bow hunting and archery experience. Collectively they hold a vast amount of experience…valuable experience, as to what works, what doesn’t, what is all hype, and what truly is a game changer for the industry.

What can all this knowledge lead to? A brand new line of Bone Collector bow sights. Dead Ringer, understanding the opportunity to hone in on the knowledge, approached the Bone Collectors to help design their all new line of bow sights. The product of this is a well-designed, feature driven, and die hard bow hunter based bow sight!


Travis Turner, a.k.a T-Bone, an ASA and APA certified professional archer, 1991 ASA 3-D World Champion, and 4-time Georgia State Champion, said this about the new bow sight:

“From my years of tournament archery background, to all of our years of bleeding bow hunting, we are thrilled to work with Dead Ringer on the designs of their new line of bow sights. From solid and simple, to advanced and technical, they have you covered with the features you need to be VERY DEPENDABLE AND SUCCESSFUL on every single archery and bow hunting adventure” –T-Bone
The New Bone Collector bow sight line is coming soon, follow both the Bone Collectors and Dead Ringer to stay updated on the reveal!



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