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Top 3 Places to Find Deer Sheds

If you haven’t laid your hands on his antlers yet this season now is the time! The deer will not be attached, but the reward of finding his prized jewels can give you some closure for the year. At most you will know he is alive and hopefully bigger next year. One thing is for certain, there isn’t too much else to do during this lag time for the die-hard whitetail enthusiast, so why not jump back into the woods and look for some deer sheds.

Shed hunting can be extremely satisfying or can be awfully difficult. Some hunters get a slap in the face for a second time, without finding a single shed! Most of the time those hunters aren’t looking in the right places.

You have to treat shed hunting like you would deer hunting, there’s not really a difference except the habits of the deer during late winter. For that reason you have to know when to look, and even more importantly where to look.

Right around now, late January- March, deer begin dropping antlers. The majority of a whitetails day during the winter months is trying to soak up all the warmth it can get. We praise the sunrays on those cold late season sits, deer are the same. This is why bedding/cover especially of southern orientation are number one on the list for shed hunting. It’s almost as if deer switch from mammals to reptiles and bask like a snake, warming up until they are finally ready to make feeding excursions.

Where they go is next on the list. Beans, corn, brassicas, and browse are all winter food sources. Trails leading to and coming from a standing bean field are a shed hotspot, in the food itself is also worth checking out. If the crops are cut learn, scout, and hypothesize what food sources are available and test your theories.

If both of these areas are fruitless, check obstacles in funnels where deer are forced to jump or duck. Creeks, fences, ditches, roads, and thick overhanging branches are all great places to find sheds hanging around. Often that little jolt or bump is all they need to drop.

Here are some last minute tips, when you begin to find sheds start your circles, working your way out further and further because you often find numerous sheds in one area. If you have multiple properties start with the least pressured spots as they often become deer havens once the shooting stops. Get out early, you don’t want to find a half chewed antler or even worse the tracks and imprint of a shed recently picked up by a trespasser in your favorite spot. Finally, get out period, too many let laziness and the cold winds keep them indoors. Sheds are white gold, prized jewels of the buck you’ve been chasing all season. Don’t let him slip away again. Start in the best spots, likely places where you will find you very own goldmine, and get rich in bone!


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