Bone Collector Season 11 Recap

With the season more than half way over for some, check out how the Bone Collector team has fared for Season 11.  Each harvest is complete with some of the gear used, and keys to success including some helpful resources. Swipe below to check them out!

2018 Trophy Room – Bone Collector Kills so Far


1.) Nick Mundt Arizona Strip Mule Deer (August 2018)

Described as a once in a lifetime tag, here’s the incredible result of an Arizona Strip, Velvet, Mule Deer hunt!

Other keys to success: Bone Collector Swirling Wind Scent Elimination Spray & field wipes since there was no shower in camp.

2.) Michael Waddell Wyoming (September 2018)

Michael harvested a great buck during the early bow season out in Wyoming while filming for an upcoming episode of Realtree Roadtrips.

3.) Nick Mundt Oregon Elk (September 2018)

Nick, T-Bone, Phillip Phillips & the crew headed to Oregon on hot pursuit of bulls in the Pacific Northwest.

Keys to success: The Wheel bow sight, being able to dial it out to whatever yardage.


4.) Nick Mundt Oregon Buffalo

Key to success: Swagger Bipods 

5.) Michael Waddell Yukon Moose (September 2018)

Other keys to success: BC Rebel Havalon knife once the moose was on the ground. 6 sharp replaceable blades, 2 gut hooks, and a solid blade. With the frigid temperatures in the Yukon, it was key to stay warm with a series of Drake base layers and Non Typical Clothing for warmth all day & all night.

6.) Nick Mundt Navajo Elk, Wayne Mundt Navajo Elk, & NM Navajo Youth Hunt (September 2018)

Other keys to success: Swagger Bipods & Bushnell Scope


7.) Nick Mundt Texas (October 2018)

Nick killed this deer while filming for an episode of Realtree Roadtrips.

8.) Nick Mundt Iowa (October 2018)

Keys to success: Textron Prowler helped get close, quietly in the area of the farm that was being hunted. First kill with the Hoyt RX-3 while hunting with Gabe Adair and our friends at Whitetail Properties.

9.) Michael Waddell Georgia (October 2018)

Key to success: Took in hawk hang on stands into a new spot where Bushnell Wireless had been showing cruising bucks. Hung the set and put out some Big & J, then hunted the next morning and killed him. Big & J – BB2Deadly DustTo Die For. Buck came in checked a scrape and then headed to the Big & J.

10.) T-Bones First Confirmed Kill With The New Hoyt RX-3 (October 2018)

Key to success: Deadmeat broadhead for a quartered away shot and the whole hunt was filmed on a Tactacams!


11.) Meyer Waddell Georgia (October 2018)

At 13 years old, Meyer has knocked down his fair share of bucks in Georgia but this home farm 10 pointer takes the prize for his biggest buck to date!

Key to Success: Redneck Blind & a forage oats food plot.


12.) Paw Paw Georgia (October 2018)

Edwin killed a Georgia 10 pointer in Booger Bottom with cousin Bubba behind the camera.

13.) Ryan Wakenigg Georgia (November 2018)

Our Social Media Marketing Manager joining the 200 pound club with a Pine Mountain Georgia, old, 6+ year old buck!

14.) Mason Waddell Georgia (November 2018)

After tagging out on 2 great bucks before November last season, Mason is on the board with a 10 pointer at the Waddell family farm! This buck was chasing does on a favorite forage oats food plot. This is 2 years in a row of Mason and Meyer both killing from the same Redneck Blind just weeks apart.

15.) Dallas Davidson Kansas (November 2018)

Dallas was a singer/songwriter for the brotherhood album of music and he’s a longtime part of the brotherhood. Not only is he a blast to have in camp but he can also kill big deer! 

16.) Michael Waddell Kansas (November 2018)

After a heart wrenching miscue on a true Kansas giant, and a grueling 8 days of hunting at the Hooray, Michael finally broke the curse in the “swamp stand” and connected on a heavy horned warrior from his Hawk ladder stand! This buck was cruising and came into shooting range with a few grunts and a snort wheeze! This was Waddy’s first kill with the new Hoyt Redwrx RX-3!

Keys to success: Drake Non Typical Hydra Hush clothing for 8 days of cold, windy conditions and a wind chill in the teens! A lot came together to finally fill a Kansas tag with help from  Big & J. Bushnell Game Cameras. Shooting Morrell Targets in camp in between hunts. Bone Collector Scent Elimination products to help with scent control. With the deer in full on rut, a variety of Bone Collector scents were used, especially doe estrous in Urge Whitetail Doe Full Estrus Attractant.

17.) T-Bone Kansas (November 2018)

T-Bone connects after a long 9 days of hunting rutting Kansas bucks! Thanks to our buddy Pete Alfano and Whitetail Properties for letting us poach their land!

Key to success: Shot placement being a little farther back than perfect, the G5 Outdoors Deadmeat broadhead made quick work of a liver shot! And the buck was recovered within 100yards.  

18.) T-Bone Oklahoma (November 2018)

19.) T-Bone Oklahoma (November 2018)

Tagged out in Oklahoma along the Cimarron River! T-Bone filled the 2nd buck tag with the Remington. This made 3 mature bucks in 5 days for T-Bone!

20.) T-Bone Georgia (December 2018)

The Remington Model 700 gave this big 10 pointer a 1-way ticket to the skinnin’ pole!

  • Gun: Remington Model 700 30-06
  • Ammo: Hornady Superformance 150 gr
  • Blind: Redneck Soft Side

21.) Michael Waddell Georgia (December 2018)

Michael harvested his final buck in Georgia with the Remington 30-06!

  • Weapon: Remington Model 700 30-06
  • Ammo: Hornady 150g American Whitetail
  • Scope: Bushnell Engage
  • Blind: Redneck Blind

Keys to success: Michael killed this buck out of the same Redneck blind that Mason and Meyer killed their bucks out of, except he had his 2-year-old son Waylon with him in the blind!

22.) Jackson Bishop Georgia (December 2018)

Jackson connected with his target buck on his home turf in Georgia!
Gun: Remington 7mm Rem Mag
Ammo: Hornady 162 grain ELD-X Precision Hunter

23.) Jason Huntsman Ohio Buck (December 2018)

Longtime Bone Collector TV editor Jason Huntsman burnt the dust off the old faithful Remington 870 with a Hornady SST! He said “I haven’t shot a buck with a shotgun in 18 years so it was fun to make some noise! Blessed to have friends and family around to enjoy this big old Ohio buck!”

24.) Michael Waddell Mexico Buck (December 2018)

Muy grande venado deep in the brush country of Mexico! Great trip south of the boarder to Old Mexico Hunting Resorts.

25.) Mason Waddell Mexico Buck (December 2018)

The rut was full force in Mexico and Mason was able to take full advantage.

26.) Ira Dean Mexico Buck (December 2018)

There’s always a ton of laughs when Singer/songwriter Ira Dean comes to camp. This year he got sweet redemption in Mexico with a great buck of his own.

27.) Jeremy Atkins Mexico (December 2018)

Jeremy Atkins from Big & J put the Swagger Bipods to work and drilled a great Mexico buck with the Remington! 

28.) Hurley Combs Navajo Nation Mountain Lion & Mule Deer (Arizona) (December 2018)

Hurley Combs is a great friend of ours who we hunt with at Lost Mountain Outfitters in Kentucky. Not only did Nick Mundt invite Hurley to experience the Navajo Nation, but he was also able to help Hurley kill his first Mountain Lion and First Mule Deer! Great trip to one of our favorite places on earth.


29.) Mason Waddell Georgia Buck (January 2019)

Mason finished off his Georgia season with a great Booger Bottom buck that Paw Paw had named “Curly.” This makes two years in a row Mason has tagged out on bucks in Georgia!

Season 11 is shaping up to be another action-packed year with a ton of fun mixed in! S11 of BC starting January 2019 only on the Outdoor Channel! For past episodes of Bone Collector, check out MOTV! Also, vote for you favorites for the 19th annual OSG awards!