Bone Collector Holiday Gift Guide 2017

Bone Collectors’ Gift Ideas for Hunters


It’s that time of year again! Deer season is in full swing and Christmas is right around the corner! Nick, T-Bone, and Michael just finished up their Christmas list! It just so happens that their wish lists make for some impressive Christmas gift ideas for hunters!

Michael’s Wish List | Gift Ideas for Serious Hunters!

An outdoorsmen you might know could be as serious as they come. The latest gear, tactics, techniques…he or she is up to date on all of it. You have to go all out to put a smile on that face! Waddy’s wish list contains some gift ideas for the hunter in your life…gifts that will impress that special someone!

The BIG Toy

Nothing could be more exciting than to have a brand new side-by-side in the driveway this Christmas! This is definitely the most impressive gift idea out there, so this one alone could finish your holiday shopping for the hunter in your life!

A Gun

Another big gift idea from Michael is a brand new muzzleloader under the tree! This could even allow the hunter you are shopping for to participate in a specific muzzleloader hunting or “primitive weapons” season, often taking place in December and January depending on the state. Michael has dialed in his muzzleloader hunting setup over the years, and has a pretty impressive end result. The setup below gives you a good idea of what would make the perfect complete gift. It includes the muzzleloader, scope, and all of the important accessories!



A Crossbow

If the hunter you are shopping for already has a muzzleloader, then a new crossbow could knock their socks off! Again, unless they already bow hunt, a new crossbow would allow the hunter you are shopping for to participate in a state’s archery season depending on regulations.

Hunting Optics

Another great gift idea from Michael is a brand new set of optics! New hunting optics are always welcomed because they are such a critical part of a hunting gear list. Take a look at what the hunter you are shopping for already has. Depending on what’s in their pack, a new set of binoculars, spotting scope, or rangefinder would make a great gift!

More Ammunition

Any gun hunter, gun enthusiast, or outdoorsmen could always use more ammo! Take a look at the gun safe or at their gun collection to see what they could use more of! If you need more help shopping for ammunition take a look at The website is user-friendly and lets you shop by ammo type, use, and several other features!



All New Scent Technology

The hunter you are shopping for may or may not take scent control seriously. However, a reason that they may hold that belief is simply not knowing about the “new” scent control technology that has hit the industry. Scent Crusher® products like the Ozone gear bag, Tote, or Hunter’s Closet would be a surprise to any hunter!


T-Bone | Gift Ideas for Bow Hunters!

If you are shopping for a die-hard bow hunter the gift ideas you will be searching for will need to be tailored for that type of hunting. Bow hunters pay attention to the details, in both hunting tactics and gear. T-Bone’s gift ideas for bow hunters suggests some great items to put under the tree this year!


A Bow

Of course, T-Bone’s Christmas gift ideas had to start with a brand new bow! Specifically the new 2018 Hoyt® REDWRX™ Carbon RX -1. If you want to go all out in a Christmas gift for a bow hunter, this bow is the best option period!

Archery Targets

Tired of watching the bow hunter you’re shopping for shooting the same worn out archery target year after year? This year get them a brand new archery target!

Bow Sight

If the bow hunter you’re shopping for has just recently bought a bow, then a couple of bow accessories to complement it might be the perfect Christmas gift. T-Bone suggests the New Bone Collector® Dead Ringer bow sights!



After a long archery season, the bow hunter you’re shopping for could have some misshapen or broken broadheads! A new pack of broadheads would be a welcomed sight. They could also be combined with some new arrows, a quiver, or other archery accessories!

A Bow Release

One of the most important items in a bow hunter’s pack is the release. Having a new or even extra bow release is always helpful! This makes it a great Christmas gift idea for any bow hunter!


Nick | Gift Ideas for Gun Hunters!

With cold weather and late season hunting arriving soon, these gift ideas will make a difference for the late season gun hunter you’re shopping for this year! Nick’s Christmas list contains gift ideas for gun hunters, items that get the job done for any gun hunter!

Air Rifle

Need a new toy for the hunter and even the kids? An air rifle like the Bone Collector® Maxxim .177 Cal. From Gamo makes the perfect gift for hours of endless fun and small game hunting!


Heavy Duty Hunting Clothing

Heavy-duty hunting clothing is a must during the late season! The first item on Nick’s wish list is a new set of durable and warm Drake® Non-Typical™ Whitetail hunting clothing!

Tree Stand

One Christmas gift idea that is always welcomed is another tree stand! Contrary to belief, all tree stands are not made the same. A lightweight, quality tree stand would be an impressive gift to open for any hunter!


Deer Scents

One of the most successful tactics for deer hunters is using deer scents. Add to their collection by getting them a complete package of scents that could be used in a tactic such as an estrous and mature buck drag system!

Deer Calls

Deer scents and deer calls go hand in hand during gun season and the rut. Add a bit of realism to those deer scents by also getting the hunter you’re shopping for a few new deer calls.

A Trail Camera

One of the most valuable scouting tools for any hunter is a trail camera. Having the ability to collect information without applying pressure to your hunting area is crucial.  Information on how deer are moving, which deer are moving, and quality pictures and videos from trail cameras can help a hunter tag that buck of a lifetime! A new trail camera under the tree is always a welcomed sight for any hunter!

Stocking Stuffers for Hunters


C-EZ Reflective Arrow Wraps

Reflective arrow wraps are a good addition to any bow hunting setup.


Truck or Car Accessories

New truck accessories are always a great gift idea for hunters. Whether it is a small and simple accessory or a thoughtful gift like a remote start kit for those cold winter mornings, they will love it!


Air Pistols, Ammunition, and Accessories

Create some excitement from opening the stockings this year by adding an air pistol!

Deer Scent Bottles

A couple deer scent bottles in the stocking will be a great addition to any hunting related gifts. They will fit perfectly into the stocking and add the arsenal of tools the hunter has!


Thermacell Mosquito Repellent

Turkey season is right around the corner, one stocking stuffer could make turkey or any other type of hunting a lot more enjoyable by getting rid of mosquitos. It just so happens that a new Thermacell repellant fits into a stocking this Christmas!

Bone Collector Apparel and Accessories

Is the hunter you’re shopping for a big fan of the Bone Collector? A hat, t-shirt, or hoodie would be a perfect stocking stuffer this Christmas!

Havalon Reble Knife

A brand new hunting knife is a classic Christmas gift!

If you are looking for Christmas gift ideas for hunters, the crew’s wish list should have you covered! Did we miss any good gift ideas? If so comment below on your wish list and ideas!



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