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Unique Archery Target Offerings From Morrell

Sometimes shooting at the same archery target gets old. Archery and preparing for bow season is supposed to be fun, but sometimes after shooting at the same target for years, the routine becomes boring. Thankfully, Morrell Targets has a few unique targets that are durable, lightweight, and fun to shoot.



The Back To Back Target is a dot target, a 3D turkey target and a 3D deer target. Best of all, this target is lightweight and easy to take to deer camp. Many hunters leave their 3D target at home when they go to deer camp because it is heavy and hard to move. The Back To Back target is the answer. This target offers just the vitals of a deer on one side, turkey vitals on the other and dots on both ends. It comes with an easy care handle and tips the scales at 15 pounds.


Another great target is the Vital Signs target. This versatile target can be shot on six sides and bowhunters can shoot field points and broadheads into this target. In addition, it can even stop crossbow bolts. This target has two whitetail sides, a turkey side, a bear side and two sides with have dots. With this target, bow hunters will always have something new to shoot at. This target is made of flex-back, self-healing foam so bowhunters can shoot.  This target can take a whooping and still stop an arrow.


Morrell offers a Bionic Bear 3D field point target. Many bowhunters love going on bear hunts but there are very few bear targets on the market that can help bowhunters learn how to pick a spot on the side of a bear. The Bionic Bear 3D target is surprisingly lightweight for its size and perfect for the bowhunter who is going on a bear hunt. The Bionic Bear 3D target only weighs 45 pounds. 


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