Booger Bottom USA Premiering on Outdoor Channel

Booger Bottom USA Premiere

In the Backwoods of Georgia lies a town that you won’t find on any map, but its home-sweet-home to outdoor legend, Michael Waddell. 

Booger Bottom USA, an Outdoor Channel Original Series premiering January 7th, follows the charismatic host of Michael Waddell’s Bone Collector and his crazy and unpredictable life right at home in the town affectionately known by locals as Booger Bottom.

“Michael’s a busy guy. He’s getting pulled from the network, his sponsors, his wife, family, and team, he’s always going in all different directions,” says co-host of Bone Collector, Nick Mundt. He goes on to say, “How he keeps his sanity is beyond me. Booger Bottom is a fun look into that world.” 

For the first time ever, viewers will get an inside look at Waddell’s life, all the antics, ups and downs, and general craziness that happens at home in Booger Bottom. 

“Everyone knows Bone Collector from the front side, the hunts & the happy-go-lucky personalities, but Booger Bottom USA is a fun look in the back door,” says Travis “T-Bone” Turner, co-host of Bone Collector. “A lot of people that meet us say ‘Guys you’re just like you are on TV!’ Well, that’s who we are, we’re not actors. What you’re seeing is what you get!”

Michael Waddell is looking forward to giving fans “the inside scoop” of what really goes down at home in Georgia. 

“There’s a lot of Booger Bottoms across rural America that so many of us come from. Whether you live in California or New York City, it kind of just sums up rural America and small town livin,” says Waddell. “I never went to college. I won a couple turkey calling contest and worked for Realtree. And now I’ve made a nice living in hunting and promoting the outdoors. Booger Bottom USA gives everyone a chance to look at the madness, the craziness that surrounds our life.”

Waddell’s wife, Christie says that no matter where Michael is, whether he’s hunting, at home in Booger Bottom, or anywhere for that matter, Michael is who he is and he’s never changed that. 

So come hang out in Booger Bottom—we guarantee you won’t be disappointed. 

Booger Bottom USA now airing Mondays at 7PM E/P, only on the Outdoor Channel.

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