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A Hunting Holiday Gift Guide for 2019

The end of the year is approaching fast, which means prime Christmas shopping time is upon us. Whether you’re looking for some holiday gift ideas for a hunter in your life or you’re hoping to drop some admittedly obvious hints in someone else’s lap, the items in this 2019 hunting holiday gift guide would be great choices, if we do say so ourselves. Check them out below and start your shopping.

Hunting Holiday Gift Guide List

Without any delay, here are 11 of the best gifts for hunters and stocking stuffers for anyone who likes to hunt. It may be Christmas, but that doesn’t mean you can’t let them dream about the outdoor lifestyle the rest of the year.

1. New Hunting Blind

It’s always nice to add more treestands or ground blinds to your collection because it can open up additional hunting opportunities for you. Rhino Blinds are some of the best ground blinds around, including this Bone Collector edition R-150 blind with Realtree Edge camouflage. The hub-style design allows you to easily set it up and it is large enough to fit two or three hunters comfortably. Brush loops on the sides make it easy to camouflage with cut branches.

2. Custom Leather Gun Sling

While a new sling is a nice gift for most hunters, this Bone Collector sling would be a unique gift for hunters with an heirloom gun – the kind passed down from earlier generations. It’s available in several colors and design options, and is customizable to include a name on it. Because the stains take to the leather differently, no two slings are the same, making it a very special idea on this hunting holiday gift guide.

3. New BC Flannel Shirts

Is there any outdoorsy person who does not like a flannel shirt? We’ve never met one. These Bone Collector plaid flannel shirts are available in several different colors and are comfortable enough for wearing around the house or into the woods. The faux suede inner collar keeps your neck from getting irritated too. They are great gifts for guys!

4. Nexbelt

Belts are always useful, but when you consider the conditions that a hunting belt needs to endure, some just don’t stand up to the abuse. This hunter’s belt with NexBelt buckle is a great gift for a hunter or as survival gifts. The nylon straps are super durable and stiff enough to hold up your firearm or other tools. The buckle has a magnetic trigger for adjusting it quickly and has two stainless steel set screws to hold it securely.

5. Raxx Bowhanger

Depending on the storage capacity in your home or garage, it can be tough to find a spot for everything. The Bone Collector Raxx is a wall-mounted rack system to hold your bow, coat, or other items. It can hold two bows vertically or one bow horizontally. The powder coat finish, rubber coated hooks, and vivid colors make it a durable and attractive storage option.

6. Hunting Clothing

Like treestands or ground blinds, every hunter could use another piece of hunting clothing. Drake Non-Typical clothing is high quality and some of the best hunting clothing around, and the Endurance Full Zip jacket is no exception. This jacket is the perfect option for cold fall days in the stand and it’s treated with an odor control technology. It would make a great hunting gift.

7. Buck Gro Spray

Even in the depths of winter (or maybe especially in the depths of winter), a hunter with any land of their own will be thinking about food plots. Consider helping them out this year by getting some Buck Gro spray. The foliar and soil sprays each help with different parts of the process.

8. Game Calls

A hunter can always use another wild game call, which is why it’s on our hunting holiday gift guide. Whether turkey or deer, game calls are great stocking stuffer gifts for turkey hunters or deer hunters because they take up little room, and are guaranteed to bring a smile to a hunter’s face. The numerous calls from Bone Collector are expertly tuned and very realistic sounding.



If you’re like most people, protecting your smartphone is often out of mind until something bad happens. Hunting in different conditions can expose them to that many more risks. A PHOOZY is specifically built to protect your phone from overheating or from extreme cold, and it can help withstand drops too. It even has several pockets to stash other miscellaneous stuff (e.g., ID, hunting license, credit cards, cash, etc.). As such, they make great gifts for hunters.

10. Pop Hat

If you or the person you’re shopping for likes large hats to keep the sun off their head and neck, and also likes to travel a fair amount, a pop hat could blow their mind. Designed to fold down into a 6-inch circle, the pop hat then pops back out and into the form of a regular wide-brimmed hat. Made of a blend of cotton and polyester, the hat breathes well too.

11. Rattler Grips

One of the last items on our hunting holiday gift guide is for those with Hoyt bows. The Bone Collector rattler grips are vivid green and come with the bolts to install on your bow. They work with most Hoyt bows as well.

12. Change Up Antler Display

Have someone in mind that harvested a buck this season? This ‘do-it-yourself’ antler mounting kit allows you to display both shed antlers and ‘cut-off antlers EASILY. Simply change the width, change the angle, change antlers, and change the location based on your preference (wall of table-mounted).

13. Morrell Targets

A new archery target would make a great gift for any archery hunter. Morrel targets have plenty of 3d, foam, and bag archery targets to select from.

14. New Gamo Air Rifle

For a limited time, Gamo has several holiday kits available that making buying everything a  hunter might need to extend his hunting season past deer season by hunting small game!

Check them out below:

Extras and Possible Stocking Stuffers!

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