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Deer Hunting Tips | Minimal Disturbance Entries and Exits to Deer Hunting Stand

Getting in and out of your deer hunting stand undetected using minimal disturbance routes

It may be summer but 90% of you Bone Collector fans know exactly where you’ll be opening morning once deer season comes around. You know every specific deer hunting detail down to the time you will set the alarm to which stand you will be sitting in. What you don’t know is where the deer will be when you’re walking to that stand and out of it. Getting in and out of your stand undetected can be key to deer hunting success. But work in the off season installing minimal disturbance routes can get you there unseen and unheard.

Walking to your stand in the morning or night after a hunt in the dark is hard enough, trying to be quiet while doing it…impossible. Busting the deer out of the food plot you are hunting, or the oak flat can be detrimental to harvesting that mature buck. This year install some minimal disturbance routes for entries and exits to your favorite stand locations All it take is a chainsaw, weed eater, leaf blower, and a little planning.


First, select the best route in relation to wind, bedding areas, thermals, and where you think the deer will be during that time of day. Second, select a path weaving around or through objects like creeks, trees, and thick brush. If needed take a chainsaw to knock down any saplings that need it. Then take the weed eater to clean up any small brush, dead grass, and weeds. Finally take a leaf blower, clearing out everything from leaves to sticks, leaving a dirt strip 2-3 feet wide. If you’re stuck in the open as such in big Ag country, try using plot screens like Egyptian wheat to block the deer’s visual of your route.

This year you won’t be busting deer after deer walking to your stand. This deer hunting tip can get you in and out of your stand using minimal disturbance routes.

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