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Film your own Hunts | Camera for the Hunter and Family Man

Film Your Own Hunt | What Camera to Buy?

Some of the biggest stars, like Nick, T-Bone, and Michael, started from humble beginnings filming their own hunts, or filming for a show. Many would consider hitting the jackpot to elevate themselves to the status of the Bone Collectors. So how do you get there? Well it starts with the Camera… What camera should you get? This is not a simple answer. Like in many famous country songs, the babies came, the car got slow, and now your just keeping up with the joneses. Money seems to always be the limiting factor here so what’s a smart buy, especially for the family man? There is a solution. One camera can work for everything from family vacations, the kid’s soccer practice, and yes, filming your hunts for your very own TV show!

Quality content makes all the difference and sets apart the everyday and now all too common okay hunting shows, from the Bone Collectors! Quality content both in the forms of HD (1080) videos and clear stills. It’s almost impossible now a day to be a success without a solid website. A solid website that brings people to it requires great pictures. So now you not only need to film your own hunts in HD but have quality stills, and oh yeah don’t forget the needs of the family too! This is why the DSLR (digital single-lens reflex) is the smart buy, it is the camera to film hunts with and to start the next big TV show!
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You can get a decent DSLR for anything from $300 to the most expensive $5,000 to $7,000 dollar cameras. Buying a basic level DSLR (the lower end $300- $700) will get you the quality needed with a layout for easy filming for amateurs. The expense comes in when buying different lenses for a wide variety of uses, like wildlife shots. That is an advantage and a disadvantage. The ease of changing from the simple macro lenses to the telephotos is relatively easy and makes the camera a solution to almost all needs. The larger telephoto lenses, the one that gets you that perfect shot of the buck in the food plot, can put a dent in the wallet. But as far as versatility goes, this camera is unbeatable.

A lot of TV shows have incorporated a DSLR at some point during the film, more commonly the camera is the perfect tool for b-roll (the film that tells the story). The size, control, and basic settings a basic DSLR gives you lets you start filming great content relatively fast but allows you to quickly accelerate to professional grade. They are not the easiest camera for self-filming, but are great for tree stands, blind hunts, hunter interviews, and those low light shooting conditions. More importantly the camera is perfect for the wife and kids. The DSLR is made for stills like sports, birthday parties, and keeping those important lasting memories! It just happens to have great HD video features for hunters! If you’re thinking of filming your own hunts and starting your very own TV show strongly consider starting with the DSLR.

By Weston Schrank

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