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Hunting for Answers in Today’s Society | Why the World Needed Hunters to Survive

Hunting for Answers in Today’s Society | Why the World Needed Hunters to Survive

Some 2 million years ago, the entire lifestyle was labeled as “hunter-gather.” It is the reason that we stand here today. There was no ranching cattle, and there sure as heck was no supermarket, 711, or dare we say it, Waffle House. You’re probably wondering how the heck we survived, well the answer is simple: because of human beings like you!

Now before you start strutting around like a Tom in the spring, let us explain. You see for year’s families relied on successful hunters to literally put food on the table. Now we obviously still say stuff like that today, but this was literally all there was back in the day. There wasn’t even Ramen Noodles in the pantry! Many of our liberal friends on Capitol Hill might want to say that the gathers would have succeeded and survived without the hunters. Really?! You go and try to grow some greens during the Ice Age…odds are you will be eating a lot of popsicles. Us “brutal” hunters will take our chances spearing a woolly mammoth that will feed the village for weeks, but we’re sure you will be just fine “gathering!”

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So when did we deviate from such a strong and successful hunting background. Well, it may not be documented specifically in the history books, but it seems like a day that we are so “thankful” for may have been the start of letting off the pedal of hunting to survive. We celebrate the bond that the Pilgrims and Native Americans formed in Plymouth Rock, Massachusetts every year. A time in which a group of our ancestors, struggling to survive, were taught how to reap the benefits of the new land in which they called home. A time we are all forever indebted.

However, during this time, “trading” became a big part of the culture. The trade of furs, medicine, and weapons for meat or crops or tools became a part of life. Was this the first supermarket? It was definitely one of the first times in American history documented in which you didn’t have to have the skills to put food on your table. And so it began.

Years later, we are a minority in the crowd. Our way of life threatened every day by groups of uneducated, misled, and sometimes flat-out crazy voices that see hunting as cruel and unnecessary. If by unnecessary you mean the only reason why you are standing on God’s Green Earth, then yes, we guess it is unnecessary. The same people complaining about us hunters shooting a deer in a time that populations must be kept in check with the dwindling habitat, are doing so while scarfing down a “McDouble” from a cow that took a bolt gun to the head.

Before this gets too far out of hand, we have to do one thing: stick together! Our numbers are not huge, but our voice is strongest together. Whether Rebel or Yankee, baiter or driver, gun or bow, we must keep our voice united and strong so that long after we leave this place, our ancestors will talk about why we made it loud and clear that the World needs hunters. The World needs #TheBrotherhood!
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