Hunting Gear | 10 Items Under $100  That You Need For Fall!

Bone Collectors’ Hunting Gear  List | 10 Items Under $100


In the market for new hunting gear? We’ve been hard at work designing and testing new gear so that you’ll have what you need this fall, at a price that’s affordable! Take a look at the hunting gear list below. What is even better is that all of these items are under $100!

Hunting Gear List  

Before going through the list, it might be wise to do a quick inventory of the gear you’ve stored away. What hunting gear is simply not working or needs to be replaced? What gear might need updating? What gear can last another year or two? This might help you narrow down your spending on what you need, what you want, and which items have deals that are simply too good to pass on!


 Achieve Better Accuracy with NEW Bow Sights

Designed by the Brotherhood, built by Dead Ringer. Dead Ringer, understanding the opportunity to hone in on the knowledge, approached the Bone Collector crew to help design their all new line of bow sights. The product of this is a well-designed, feature driven, and die hard bow hunter based bow sight!

Find the Bone Collector Dead Ringer Sights Here

How Much?

Starvation Bead Bow Sight – $39.99

Tack Driver Bow Sight – $49.99

Tack Driver DT Bow Sight – $59.99

The Wheel Bow Sight – $79.99


Get More Practice in with Targets

New for this year, Bone Collector Morrell targets in stores at Walmart! Besides being substituted for a medicine ball, these targets aren’t bad archery targets either!

Bone Collector Morrell Targets Found at Walmart

How Much?

Bone Collector Discharge Target $18.42

BC 300 F/P $24.82

Bone Collector Combo $38.84

Bone Collector Deluxe F/P $29.97


Add a “Do All” Knife to your Hunting Gear

The Bone Collector signature series Havalon Rebel knife is a “do all” knife. Way more than just your average pocket knife, the Rebel features a traditional drop point folding blade on one side and a Havalon Quick-change fitment on the other. This offers not only replaceable blades but a scalpel sharp hunting knife with the versatility needed to tend to harvested game.

Find The Havalon Rebel Here

How Much? $69.99


Bring Home The Meat with New Broadheads

What started 3 years ago, has finally surfaced into one amazing broadhead. The new DeadMeat Broadhead combines the best features of previous broadheads into one of the most innovative expandable broadheads on the market. Besides the top end features of the DeadMeat, a Ballistic Match Point (B.M.P) is offered with the package. This is essentially a field point that matches the DeadMeat broadhead, so you are able to practice and tune with them during the offseason and always be ready to hunt!

Find the DeadMeat Broadhead Here!

How Much?  $54.95


Hike Further, Quieter, and More Comfortably

Early season hunting always brings excitement, but it also often brings blisters to greenhorn feet after a long summer. This season might be time to get yourself a real pair of hunting boots! Investing in a hunting boot is investing in a solid base that the rest of your hunt is based on!

Find the Bone Collector Backwoods Boots Here

How Much?  $99.99


Grunt and Snort Wheeze Like a Legend!

Success in October and November are reliant upon packing the hunting gear you need. This means when the moment comes, and it will, you have the tools to establish communication with one of your hit list bucks. Whether it’s drawing him in across an open pasture, or inviting him to a fight through an oak flat, this communication is established with deer calls. The Bone Collector Outlaw Grunt and Snort Wheeze call should have you covered this fall. The outlaw is Bone Collector designed, tested, and approved. It has called in some of the biggest bucks taken to date by both Michael Waddell and Nick Mundt.

Find The Bone Collector Outlaw Grunt Call Here

How Much?  $21.99


Climb Faster and Higher

This season might just be your calling to upgrade your tree stand performance. This might mean utilizing a more mobile setup for on the fly hunts based on the latest intel, or simply climbing higher and tucking into the highest branches of your favorite tree. Regardless a wise purchase would be a highly mobile and lightweight climbing stick set from Hawk Tree Stands. Hawk also has a wide range of tree stand accessories that might inch you just a tad bit closer to success this fall!

 Find The Hawk Razor Climbing Stick Set Here

Also, Check out the Bone Collector Cruzr Hang-On Stand

How Much?  $99.99


Upgrade Crucial Hunting Tools

 Hunting gear needs to perform at the optimal level, if you’re a bow hunter this is especially true. One of the most important items in your hunting pack is your release. It is the point of contact, trigger, and final action that decides whether or not you achieve success. The Bone Collector T.R.U Ball release series gives you several options to upgrade your bow release.

 Find Bone Collector Series T.R.U Ball Release Here 

How Much?  Beast & Assassin $99.99, Scout, $54.99, Bandit $49.99.


Stay Mosquito Free During the Early Season

What can damper even the most exciting first hunt of the season? How about those pesky and painful mosquitos! End the misery by making sure your hunting gear list is complete with Thermacell. Create a barrier for pesky insects, and ensure you’re not having to swat them off when a potential shooter may be watching.

Find Thermacell Repellers Here

How Much? $24.99


Take a Preseason Buck Inventory

Do you know which hit-list bucks you are targeting this year, what they generally score, and where they call home? If not you might want to get off the computer or the cell phone, grab a bag of Deadly Dust from Big and J, and start gathering an inventory while summer patterns and velvet still lasts.

Find Big and J Deadly Dust Here

How Much? $12.99



BONUS: Show Off Your Bone Collector Pride

Did you enjoy this hunting gear list? One more suggestion is to head over the online Bone Collector Store and pick yourself up one of the new Bone Collector Tees!

NEW Bone Collector Apparel

How Much?  Starting at $19.99


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