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A gathering of hunting gear reviews, tips, suggestions, and setups from Nick, T-Bone, and Michael.

Hunting Gear Articles

T-Bone Builds a Hunting Bow (Hoyt RX-4) From Scratch

Start to Finish 2020 Hoyt RX-4 Build
Whether you’re a new…
September 3, 2020/by Bone Collector

Getting Hunting Access | 5 Essentials to Better Your Odds

How to Get Permission for Hunting Access
There’s no doubt…
August 25, 2020/by Bone Collector

Why You Should Use BaseMap Over Any Other Scouting App

The Scouting App That the Bone Collectors Trust
You’ve heard…
June 2, 2020/by Bone Collector

Bow Hunting Turkeys

Here’s How to Bring Down Birds with a Bow This Spring
May 6, 2020/by Bone Collector

Advantages of Ground Blinds for Turkey Hunting

Tips on Using Ground Blinds for Turkey Hunting
There’s definitely…
April 21, 2020/by Bone Collector

Best Turkey Shotgun Patterning Method

The Easiest Method of Turkey Shotgun Patterning
With turkey…
April 7, 2020/by Bone Collector

Kids Clothing Line Launched by Christie & Michael Waddell, BC Raskulls

Having lived within the hunting space for the last 24 years,…
April 1, 2020/by Bone Collector

Essential Gear for a Successful Spring Turkey Season

Turkey Hunting Gear | Essential Gear
Turkey season 2020 is almost…
March 24, 2020/by Bone Collector

Turkey Hunting 101 | Roosting Turkeys and Morning Hunts

Locating and Rooting Turkeys for Morning Hunts
If you’ve spent…
March 18, 2020/by Bone Collector

3 Turkey Calls Every Hunter Needs to Know!

The 3 Turkey Calls and Sounds You Should Know and Master

March 13, 2020/by Bone Collector

Predator Hunting | Taking Advantage of One Heck of an Opportunity

How To: Winter and Pre-Spring Predator Hunting, Calling, and…
March 4, 2020/by Bone Collector

2020 Turkey Hunting Gear List

February 10, 2020/by Bone Collector

How to Combine Trail Cams and Turkeys

Trail Cams and Turkeys | Turkey Hunting Guide
We’re sure you’re…
February 7, 2020/by Bone Collector

How to Layer Clothing | Staying Warm in Cold Hunting Conditions

Late Season and Winter Hunting, Here is How to Stay Warm
December 18, 2019/by Bone Collector

Christmas Wish List | Hunting Holiday Gift Guide

A Hunting Holiday Gift Guide for 2019
The end of the year is…
December 9, 2019/by Bone Collector

Readying your Hunting Gear for the Rut

You’re Prepped – Here’s How to Make Sure Your Gear is Too
November 19, 2019/by Bone Collector

Benefits of Traditional vs. Cellular Trail Cameras

Situations for Both Traditional and Cellular Trail Cameras
November 5, 2019/by Bone Collector

Personalize Tradition With a Custom Gun Sling

Personalized Rifle and Shotgun Slings are Always the Right Size…
November 4, 2019/by Bone Collector

Early-Season Deer Hunting | Building the Ultimate Layering System

Your How-To Hunting Clothing Layering Guide for Early-Season…
October 16, 2019/by Bone Collector

2019 Bow Hunting Setups from Michael and T-Bone

Bone Collector’s 2019 Bow Hunting Setup
Michael and T-Bone…
October 14, 2019/by Bone Collector

Lightweight Hunting Clothing to Help You Survive the Heat

Hot Weather Hunting Clothing
It’s here, ladies and gentlemen!…
August 29, 2019/by Bone Collector

Why You Should Consider a Ground Blind This Season

The Benefits of Hunting from a Ground Blind
Have you ever found…
August 27, 2019/by Bone Collector

Bushnell’s New Rangefinder Lineup for 2019

Choosing the Right Rangefinder for Hunting Season
Hunters take…
June 21, 2019/by Bone Collector

Essential Squirrel Hunting Tips for Winter

Stay Sharp This Winter with These Squirrel Hunting Tips
December 26, 2018/by Bone Collector

Christmas Gifts for Hunters | Outdoor Related Christmas Gift Ideas 2018

Christmas Gifts for Hunters
It’s that time of year again!…
December 10, 2018/by Bone Collector

Nick Mundt’s Mule Deer Packing List

Western Hunting Gear | Nick Mundt's Packing List
There’s nothing…
September 4, 2018/by Bone Collector

Gear Up for Gun Season with Michael Waddell

Michael Waddell’s Hunting Gear List
November, the rut, and…
November 15, 2017/by Bone Collector

Michael Waddell’s 2017 Bow Hunting Setup

The Bone Collectors’ Bow Setups 
Need to learn how to set…
October 11, 2017/by Bone Collector

Hunting Gear | 10 Items Under $100  That You Need For Fall!

Bone Collectors’ Hunting Gear  List | 10 Items Under $100…
July 26, 2017/by Bone Collector

Turkey Calls 101 | Which Turkey Call is Right for You?

Turkey Calls 101 | Which Turkey Call is Right for You?
April 17, 2017/by Bone Collector

Deer Scents Guide | The How, When, and Why of Deer Scents

Bone Collectors' Deer Scents Guide
Have you ever had a moment…
September 26, 2016/by Bone Collector

Bow Hunting Gear List | Deer Hunting “Must-Have” Items

Essential Bow Hunting Gear List Items
The dog days of summer…
July 25, 2016/by Bone Collector

Turkey Calling Guide | The What, How, and When of Turkey Calling

Bone Collector | Fully Loaded Turkey Calling Guide
March 23, 2016/by Bone Collector

The Most Effective Turkey Hunting Decoy Strategies

Spring Turkey Hunting 101 | Bring on the Flop
It doesn’t matter…
March 17, 2016/by Bone Collector

Pre-Season Turkey Practice | Calls You Need To Learn and Master

Turkey Hunting | Calling Strategies You Should Practice Right…
March 14, 2016/by Bone Collector

Deer Hunting | Scent Control Techniques for Early Season Bow Hunting

Improve Your Scent Control When Deer Hunting With These 4 Scent…
October 3, 2015/by Bone Collector

Turkey Hunting Success | Kill More Gobblers Using Decoys

Turkey Hunting Using Decoys | Time to Get a New Decoy?
March 17, 2015/by Bone Collector