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Hunting for the Outdoors with my Chevy Silverado | Get Off the Beaten Path for Turkey Hunting

Hunting with my Chevy Silverado | Turkey Hunting Off the Beaten Path

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The mornings are warmer, and the spring peepers are sounding off. Hints of green are beginning to shine through the bare woods. When the daylight begins to crack, a thundering echo plows through the damp cool morning. The sound of a gobbler letting loose clinched on the limb of a large roosting oak. For many hunters, spring means only one thing…turkey hunting. From calls to guns to shells, there is a lot of equipment that determines the success of turkey hunting. But in order to enhance the effectiveness of all those tools, a hunter needs to escape the crowds and reach out to where the birds of holding. To get off the beaten path, there may be one piece of equipment that is extremely underestimated…your Chevy Silverado.

turkey harvested | Bone CollectorIf turkey hunting were easy, they wouldn’t be considered as one of the most passionate hunting species in North America. Turkey hunting is a challenge. Every year, hunters look for strategic advantages in order to maximize their success. No matter what they carry in their turkey vest or in their gun, it doesn’t help unless you find the birds. With networks of back roads winding through the country, it often requires a tough truck to get you there. The Chevy Silverado provides a rugged, reliable 4×4 to get you to where you want to be, and where those birds are likely to be.

For many hunters, the most limiting factor is success. Often this is private land access, but for some it only requires rolling the dice on an old logging road or swamp trail. Being able to plow through with confidence because you have your Chevy Silverado underneath you can lead to turkey hunting success. This is never more true, than when the season progresses. As birds become more pressured by hunting, turkeys will retreat to more remote and undisturbed areas. These places are often like this because of the difficult access. Use your Chevy Silverado to get you into places other turkey hunters cannot.

Your turkey hunting skills and equipment are all you have when you are out there. It’s the turkeys territory and you are there to fool them into close range. Don’t let anything that you can control, like access, stop you from reaching the birds. Having a dependable truck, like your Chevy Silverado, to rely on and help you Find New Roads can also lead you to the turkey hunting promise land.Chevy Trucks Getting The Brotherhood Hunting | Bone Collector


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