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Kill More Gobblers This Year │ The Secret to Successful Afternoon Turkey Hunting

The Secret to Successful Afternoon Turkey Hunting

It’s no secret that most turkeys are heard, seen, and killed in the morning. For some states, it’s the only time you can hunt mandated by state game laws. But for those that are turkey hunting all day in the spring, the success can be great in the afternoons. However, the strategy for getting on these birds is much different.

First off, birds will not be nearly as vocal, so locating them is much more difficult. The easiest way to describe the afternoon hunt is like deer hunting. Feeding and travel areas are key, and more importantly, patience. Setting up and calling sparingly can lead to a lot of success in these areas as the sun sets.

Hunting turkey in the afternoonAlso, if you hunt the property in the mornings, you know the general roosting area. Setting up within close proximity to the roost can lead to catching birds on the way back from their daily excursion. Having decoys out can be very effective and calling very sparsely.

But it’s not all about patience, running and gunning during the spring can be very successful. As soon as the hens head to the nest the gobblers will be looking. It’s all about coming across them at the right time, and potentially locating them through a crow or gobble call in order to generate a shock gobble. At that point you can plan a set up, and work the bird.

Don’t think that once the first few hours of the day fade away, that the best hunting is over. Turkey hunting gobblers in the afternoon takes a good strategy, but can often produce more birds than in the morning.


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