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Bag Your Best Buck on the Last Day | Late Season Deer Hunting

Late Season Deer Hunting | Bag Your Best Buck on the Last Day

Snow has started to fall and with it silence has been restored. Bow-hunters finally get the return of peace and quiet they have waited two months for, and just maybe a shot at redemption. Smoke-pole and late season gun hunters hope for the serene white wonderland hunt that will conclude their season. However many have hung up their buck tag on close calls, busts, and misses.

Do not throw in the towel! The last weeks and better yet the last day can be the best of your late season deer hunting.

Most bow hunters know that early season is the best time of the year for patterning and killing mature bucks, especially in a Midwestern field of soybeans. An equal if not better chance for patterning mature bucks comes back into play around this time of year. Those big brutes are worn down, cold, and hungry. This makes them even more desperate for food, and when you get desperate you make mistakes. Finding the food source whether it be soybeans, brassicas, corn, or browse is the key for hunting late season.

You wouldn’t want to waste your time sitting in the cold stand with no action, why would a whitetail want to walk and feed for a low return food source? This is why soybeans stand before all in the whitetail world. They not only offer a lot of protein but are high in fat due to their high oil content. If you don’t have soybeans you should be giving some serious thought on your actions this coming spring and summer. Protecting your beans until late season can give you that second wind that you might need to make your season a success.

To those less fortunate hunters without the land or equipment for food plots, your only option is to manipulate the habitat. Making that 100 acre or less property exceedingly great for cover and browse could attract some neighboring big boys. Well-structured cover such as hinge cuts, briars, and old grown up fields can be extremely appealing. Nice thermal holding cover, a wind block, and a buffet of twigs will hold deer. Think of it as a living room, a nice blanket and couch to sit on, with a bag of potato chips sitting right on your lap. We are lazy if the opportunity arises and the same goes for deer.

There are other late season food sources, but seasons are ending, concentrate on the food sources that matter, especially when the snow falls and the winds pick up. Combine these late season food sources with a couple of trail cameras, and you have yourself a game plan for bagging a brute on the last day. Don’t let your mind drift to spring long beards just yet, there is still time to tag some antlers.

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