Lightweight Hunting Clothing to Help You Survive the Heat

Hot Weather Hunting Clothing

It’s here, ladies and gentlemen! The early hunting season has arrived in many states, and it’s likely not far off if you live somewhere else. With all the hype and expectations of getting out into the field again, it’s easy to be optimistic. In fact, there’s probably not a better time for optimism in hunting. But the reality is that some early season hunts can be downright miserable. From lots of bugs to insanely high temperatures, you need to have the right hunting gear on your side to make sure the conditions don’t spoil your fun. Quality lightweight hunting clothing is a must and should be a priority for you if you don’t already have a nice set of hunting clothing. And quality doesn’t always mean the most expensive. Here are a few things to consider as you look forward to sitting in the tree stand again or stalking mule deer in the open West.

Early Season Hunting Conditions

As mentioned, one of the first things you should think about are the specific conditions you will face on a given early season hunt. It doesn’t really matter if you’re hunting behind your house or doing a road trip somewhere, the challenges are mostly the same. A few examples or scenarios are discussed below.

  1. Depending on where you hunt and exactly when you’re in the field, early-season hunting can be brutal. For example, sitting in a ground blind near an antelope watering hole or putting the stalk on a Western muley can cause you to sweat like you were trying to earn a spot in the NFL combine. You’d think that sitting perched in a tree would offer some relief due to the wind, but that’s not always true either. Hot and humid conditions without any breeze can be just as tough 15 feet up. Traditional cotton shirts or blue jeans don’t work well in these situations because they don’t breathe well or wick your sweat away. As a result, your clothes just stay wet and eventually start to stink. Not ideal for hunting, especially if you’re on a multi-day trip out west.
  2. At the same time, some southern or western hunts may take you through some challenging terrain, where briars, thorns, and other vegetation tears at your hunting clothes. That means your lightweight hunting clothing also needs to be durable (to avoid constant rips/tears and keep your skin safe). But if you go too thick and heavy-duty on the material of your pants (e.g., thick briar-resistant chaps or blue jeans), you will have overheating issues again. It’s a bit of a balancing act.
  3. Last, your hot weather camo clothing needs to provide good camouflage in a variety of habitats. From the dry summer grasses and sporadic tree cover out west to the mature forests of the Midwest to field edges and swamps almost anywhere, your camo pattern needs to blend in or you won’t have much luck this season. On many early season hunts, the vegetation will still be somewhat green, so you definitely need a little green in your camo pattern to blend in.

Lightweight Hunting Clothing Options

When it comes to clothing options for hot, early-season weather, you’re totally covered with Non-Typical™ clothing by Drake®. They have a complete system of lightweight hunting clothing to help you no matter what or where you’re hunting. Here’s how each of the three issues above can be avoided by using the best hunting clothing for this purpose.

1. Heat and Sweat

When the summer weather just refuses to back down during hunting season, the best hunting clothes for hot weather will be lightweight, breathable, and comfortable. Breathability is also critical in lightweight hunting clothing when it comes to scent control. If you sweat profusely and it doesn’t dry, it will quickly start to stink, requiring you to pack more clothing for a hunting trip or wash it frequently.

The “New” Drake Non-Typical Performance Crew L/S and Performance 1/4 Zip L/S shirts are constructed of 100% polyester, these lightweight camo shirts are unbeatable for early-season hot weather walks to and from the stand.   The fabric is also treated with Agion Active XL™, which uses an antimicrobial agent to neutralize odors caused by bacteria and an odor adsorber to capture body odors. When it’s really unseasonably hot out or you’re sitting in a ground blind (i.e., an oven), try the Performance Crew L/S or Performance 1/4 Zip L/S. It can also be used as a base layer if the weather cools at night, simply by pulling another shirt, sweater, or hunting jacket over the top.

Performance 1/4 Zip L/S with Agion Active XL™

• Agion Active XL™ scent control technology (Click Here for more information)
• 4-Way stretch
• Wicking
• Soft hand feel
• Cool wearing

2. Durability in Tough Terrain

Second, when you have to navigate around briar patches, crawl across open expanses, or just climb a tree, your lightweight camo pants need to stand up to the abuse. Again, Drake’s lightweight hunting clothing wins. The 100% polyester construction of these hunting pants is durable enough to take some moderately rough conditions. They won’t provide the same level of protection as heavy brush pants, of course, but they will hold up well. Specifically, the Dura-Lite pants offer great protection for different hunting scenarios, and come with six different pockets (e.g., slash, cargo, and rear) to help you stay organized while on the move or in the tree stand.

3. Camouflage Pattern

Last, your lightweight camo clothing needs to blend into different habitats if you’re going to be successful. The Drake Non-Typical Dura-Lite clothing set is fade-resistant (due to washing or sun exposure) and offered in the Realtree® Edge pattern, which is a very versatile camo pattern that is great for the early season and places where there’s a lot of foliage. With sharp foreground items (e.g., tree trunks, various sized branches, different colored leaves), soft open background areas, and multiple shades and colors, these camouflage clothes can blend into many habitats. Mature forests, field edges, shrubby brushlands, and some relatively open landscapes can all be stealthily traveled sporting this pattern. And don’t forget about the Realtree® Timber pattern for its versatility and its ability to blend in when the landscape is bare.  The Dura-Lite L/S Shirt is a camo button-up shirt with long sleeves to keep your arms camouflaged (and protected from the thorns mentioned above) and has both a zippered and Magnattach chest pocket.

Review Time

Before you go on your first hunt again this season, take a look at your usual hunting clothes. How do they perform in the early season conditions discussed above? If they’re falling short of expectations, it might be time to upgrade to one of the better hunting clothing brands around and pick up some Drake Non-Typical clothing. Will, they magically erase all the potential issues you’ll face this year? No. But it wouldn’t be hunting without a little discomfort and challenge, would it?

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