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In 2008 Michael Waddell made the decision to fulfill a dream and start Bone Collector, a company dedicated to standing up for the hunting culture.  

“Bone Collector was an idea that I had been thinking about for a long time,” said Waddell. “I knew I was ready to take a stand for the hunting community in a way that had never been done before. We have a team of people that believe in the hunting culture and are doing things to improve it, and I’m proud of that.”  

What began as a TV show is now one of the most recognizable brands in the outdoor industry offering TV & Production, Licensing opportunities , Marketing and more. All geared towards standing up for the culture of the hunter.

Backed by a very unique and loyal audience called The Brotherhood, which started with a friendship between Waddell, Nick Mundt & Travis “Tbone” Turner,” Bone Collector has remained one of the toprated TV shows on the Outdoor Channel for over a decade. With a “keep it real” attitude, viewers get a fast-paced hunting show with no shortage of campfires, laughs, good people, dull broadheads, and full freezers in each and every episode.  

Michael Waddell, a champion turkey caller & country boy from Booger Bottom, GA, Nick Mundt, a former guide and barber from spearfish, SD, and Travis Tbone Turner, a world champion archer and bow tech from GA, are the faces of Bone Collector. Humbled by the opportunities they’ve had throughout their careers, the guys have a heart for everyday outdoorsman, weekend warriors, and blue-collar working men and women who put in the overtime hours to spend time doing what they love. Bone Collector is all about promoting hunting and the culture of the outdoors so that everyone has the opportunity to enjoy our God-given right to hunt.  

“I will never make excuses for being born a hunter.” – Michael Waddell  


Michael Waddell

My story began 35 years ago in backwoods and backwaters of Booger Bottom, Georgia. No crowds, strip malls or concrete jungles there. Just a heck of a lot of places for a young kid to get dirty, get into trouble and grow up country – the kind of place where a boy can be a boy and not worry one bit about the fast pace of city life. Man, we need more places like that these days, huh?

Like the old saying goes, I’m Southern by birth and redneck by the grace of God. If I ever get a tattoo, that’s definitely what it’ll say. I’m country through and through. I dig twangy music and old school Southern rock. I like my steaks southern fried, my hashbrowns scattered, smothered ‘n covered and my tea sweet and stout. Real stout – the kind you can dang near cut with a knife – just like my Grand Mamma used to make. I’m a guitar pickin’, blue jeans wearin’, backstrap grillin’ good ol’ boy who was born to hunt. If it gobbles, quacks, bugles or grunts, chances are I’ve chased it more than a time or two. Droppin’ the hammer and closin’ the coffin on anything with antlers, feathers or fur just never gets old. I bet you know exactly what I’m talkin’ about.

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Nick Mundt

A native of Spearfish, South Dakota, licensed hunting guide in Wyoming for 15 years, Realtree cameraman for 9 years, and a barber by trade, Nick Mundt has lived, breathed,and loved hunting since he was a young boy.  Nick is one of the three hosts of Michael Waddell’s Bone Collector that airs exclusively on the Outdoor Channel and his comedic, charmismatic character is true and real.  Nick has had the opportunity to travel and hunt in over 15 states, 3 different continents, and helps to spread the word of the culture of the Hunter at speaking engagements/appearances in many venues.  Nick not only talks the talk, but he makes the shots.  Even with the fast growth of Bone Collector and his popularity to the public, Nick keeps himself grounded with his roots in South Dakota using his free time to relax by the lake, hone his shot, crank out a Karaoke tune or cook up a tasty meal.  What he enjoys most about this public platform is sharing with all that will listen why it is important not to apologize for being a hunter, but to teach that hunting morals and values is what our culture was built on.

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Travis “T-Bone” Turner

Travis ‘T-Bone’ Turner is one of the most respected archers and hunters in the outdoor industry. He earned his status as an ASA and APA Certified Pro shooter, competing on the pro tour for over 15 years, winning the 1991 ASA Archery World Championship, many podium finishes and several state titles during that time. Through his years as a pro, along with his role as owner and manager of one of the largest archery shops in Georgia, Travis has developed long-standing relationships with companies such as Realtree, Hoyt, Bone Collector, and Whitetails Unlimited. He serves as archery bow technician for national celebrities, pro athletes and others in the outdoor industry. As a result of his hard work, understanding, and fun-loving passion for the outdoors, Travis has become a leading personality in the industry, co-hosting Realtree Roadtrips and Bone Collector for Outdoor Channel. Dedicated to conservation, he serves as national spokesperson for Whitetails Unlimited.

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