Michael Waddell Turkey Reaping…with a .410 Shotgun!

Turkey Reaping Video | Michael Waddell with a .410 Shotgun

Turkey reaping is one of the most intense, adrenaline filled turkey hunting tactics employed by hunters. It can also be one of the most successful. While in Nebraska, Michael Waddell try’s his hand at turkey reaping on a lone bird. To increase the difficulty, Michael attempts this feat with a .410 shotgun!

Turkey Reaping

Turkey reaping is about as wrong as you could go, with still being right. Confused? When it comes to turkey hunting, you want ultimate concealment with the decoys or your turkey calling bringing the bird in. However, with turkey reaping the game changes completely. You are trying to catch a bird’s attention and evoke an aggressive reaction. This is quite different than sitting patiently behind a couple of decoys in a ground blind.

This turkey hunting tactic requires you to keep both safety and your shot in mind at all times. Turkeys working their way into 10 yards or less, in the case of this turkey reaping video just  3 yards, means that your shot will have to be perfect! Your shotgun pattern and ammo, especially when using a .410, will be tight. This tactic also creates the situation in which the hunter must shoot quickly to avoid being attacked or busted by an aggressive tom. Before trying this tactic keep this in mind so you are not surprised and blunder the opportunity.

Like most things, different situations call for different tactics, unless you’re Michael Waddell and simply love the challenge of the aggressive approach! Who can say otherwise when this turkey reaping video clearly shows the advantages!

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