Michael Waddell’s 2017 Bow Hunting Setup

The Bone Collectors’ Bow Setups 

Need to learn how to set up your bow? Looking for the best bow hunting setup? Overwhelmed by the sheer amount of accessories, products, brands, and attachments on the market? Fortunately for you, the man himself, the man who has killed more deer, more elk, more turkeys, and more critters than most hunter’s dream of harvesting, sits down for a one-on-one to go over his own bow setup. Watch the video below to learn more on Michael Waddell’s bow hunting setup!

Michael Waddell’s Bow Setup

This video on Michael Waddell’s bow setup should help you dial in your own setup regardless of the species. To help you out even more, we have created a list of details on everything Michael employs in his setup, from limb to limb, here is each attachment, accessory, or product Michael has on his bow.

The Bow

Michael shoots the Hoyt® Carbon Defiant™ Bone Collector™ limb and Realtree® Xtra™ riser. The bow is set up for a 28” draw and an 78 lbs. draw weight. Michael explains, “I crank my bow up to right at 78 lbs. and I pull a good amount of weight, I am not trying to be He-Man, I am just making up for the shorter draw length.”

The Hoyt® Carbon Defiant™ features include:

  • 50 individually hand-laid carbon components for ultimate stiffness and strength.
  • 3 strategically-woven hollow carbon tubes, precision tuned by our engineers.
  • Offset Riser Technology that kills vibration and adds strength and stiffness.
  • Carbon’s warm-to-the-touch nature to keep you comfortable and focused even in frigid weather.
  • The smooth, fast and powerful DFX Cam & ½ system.
  • Dual Cable Stops for a solid back wall.
  • An optional limb stop that provides a no-play back wall, for customizable comfort and consistency.
  • Rotating cam modules, allowing easy adjustment without module replacement or a bow press.
  • Multilayer laminate UltraFlex limbs.
  • A zero-tolerance limb-to-pocket connection for precision and accuracy.
  • The Zero Torque Cable Guard system, which eliminates torque for dead-on alignment.
  • Synergy between DFX cams and UltraFlex limbs, increasing the axle-to-axle measurement at full draw and improving form, comfort, and accuracy.


Bow Release

Michael shoots with the tried and true Bone Collector™ Beast from T.R.U. Ball. The Beast is the advanced “high-speed” model with a forward trigger to provide more draw length for short draw archers.

Bow Sight

“We actually designed our bow sights for this year. I use the Dead-Ringer Wheel bow sight. I have pinpoint accuracy with this bow sight, up to 100 yards if I am able to make the shot” Michael explains. Check out the new Dead-Ringer bow sights below!


Bow Stabilizer

Michael uses all Fuse Archery® accessories including his Carbon Torch FX™ bow stabilizer. The stabilizers add not only extreme accuracy and vibration dampening to Michael’s rig, but also is weighted to his specific needs.

  • Custom Rubber Front Dampener
  • Stealth Disc and Stealth Flex Technology
  • Three Individual 1 oz. Weights (Removable)
  • Carbon Tube Construction
  • 8 Different Stealth Disc Colors Included

Bow Quiver

Michael also covers that he, especially when hunting out west as in the case of elk hunting, likes to keep his quiver on while hunting. He trusts the Arrow Rack™ In-Line bow quiver from Hoyt®.

The Arrow Rack™ In-Line bow quiver features:

  • 6-arrow quiver
  • Quick detach system
  • Extra-long arrow support span
  • 8 shock rod color options are available


When it comes to which broadheads Michael trusts he can’t actually narrow it down to just one. Michael not only has the G5 Outdoors® T3 broadhead in his quiver but also the Havoc, both broadheads he explains to be trustworthy and accurate just like a field point. Michael also explains, “T-Bone just helped design a new broadhead called the DeadMeat broadhead.

Bow Accessories

Besides going through the normal products, attachments, and fundamental pieces of his bow, Michael gives a couple tips on bow accessories. Michael describes “the last thing I want to share with you, a handy-dandy thing I learned in elk camp is to actually attach a bow sling. This tactical bow sling is from Hunter’s Technology and it makes a great bow sling.”

Comment below with any questions, comments, or tips related to Michael’s bow hunting setup. Feel free to also comment on the bow setup you have come to trust and love. Interested in learning more about bow hunting or what tips we have to offer? Take a look at T-Bone’s bow practice tips from earlier this summer or our blog on October bow hunting tips!

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