Michael Waddell’s Cube Steak Roll Ups – Venison Recipe

Venison Cube Steak Roll Ups 

“If you’re gonna have a football tailgate, you gotta do it right” says Michael Waddell. In this Backyard Life video, Michael’s manning a mighty looking grill from the Hooray Grill Co. and between all the wild game cooking at home, and among grill masters at hunting camp, its clear he has picked up a thing or two when cooking venison. This is one of his all-time favorite venison recipes – venison cube steal roll-ups!

Michael says the biggest mistake people make with game meat is overcooking it, as it tastes best when served rare to medium-rare. “Overcooking is when you run into that kind of gamey taste,” he explains.

There’s one more game day grilling tip Waddell says any grillmaster can use: “Wait until everyone’s hungry before you grill.” He laughs, “some can be a little overdone or a little rare . . . If they’re real hungry, they’re not going to complain.”

Make Michael Waddell’s Great Game Day Recipe—Venison Roll-Ups—at Home.

Ingredients (Scale up or down depending on your tailgate size):

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