Michael Waddell’s Featured Podcast on Booner Bucks

Michael Waddell’s Kansas Booner | Bone Collector Featured Podcast

Michael Waddell was recently featured in a Drop-Tine Report podcast presented by Redneck Blinds, discussing Waddy’s dream season that occurred several years ago. Michael relives the hunt and the tactics he employed for two giant bucks he killed in Kansas and Iowa. The Kansas buck, in particular, scored around 192 inches! Michael and host Tracey Breen also cover several other topics including:

The Opportunity to Harvest a Booner Buck

One of the main topics Michael discusses in the podcast is how someone can actually go about killing Booner bucks. It comes down to putting yourself where these bucks live. “You can’t catch a 10 lb. bass in a reservoir that doesn’t have bass that size living there” Waddy explains and relates to deer. “You have to be in a place that big deer live, to kill the giants”.

Tracy asks Michael to explain the process of targeting the buck and the history of the property he was harvested on. Michael bought the 500-acre property to put himself in an area that big bucks lived. Michael owned the property for 3 years before killing that buck. The first year they started with a giant 30-40 acre standing corn food plot. Michael also tried to harvest the deer at 3 ½ years old as he already sported 165 inches of antler! The next year Michael did not connect with harvesting the buck which was 4 ½ years old and estimated to be at 175 inches. The third year, with the buck at 5 ½ years old, Michael caught the deer on camera in the summer on a mineral site. In velvet, they estimated him to be at 185 + inches.

Michael connected with him while bow hunting on the property on the third year, a 5 ½-year-old 192 inch buck! It was by mistake that this deer lived 2 years and made it to 5 ½! Michael explains that this deer was a trophy all three years, but the three-year chase just added to the trophy and memories of the harvest.

Michael and Tracy cover several another topic besides the Kansas Booner buck. Listen to the other topics Michael and Tracy cover in the podcast here!

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