Michael Waddell’s Raw Tactacam Turkey Hunting Video

Raw POV Tactacam Turkey Hunting Video

It’s not often, but Michael Waddell hunting without a camera crew does happen! This year Michael went out alone chasing pressured Georgia longbeards at his local hunt club, with only a Tactacam to film with. The result is a raw video of a hunt that is about as close to live as you’ll get without actually being there! The turkey hunting video shows a real and raw hunt from Michael, a point of view not often seen!

Besides being a view not often seen, this video lets you gather some subtle takeaways from the hunt. One is Michael’s turkey calling tactic. These are hunt club pressured birds. In fact, Michael had heard another hunter on the property, potentially even trying to work the same bird. With this in mind, Michael elected to call softly and took time between calls, careful to not overdo it and tip the bird off. This calling strategy paid off and the result is some unique and insightful Tactacam footage!

To get the footage, Michael had a Tactacam mounted to his Remington shotgun, and another on his hat. If you enjoyed this turkey hunting footage, you’ll love the video below! If you’re a Bone Collector fan, make sure to check out all the great deals and apparel in the Bone Collector Shop! 


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