Michael Waddell’s Shed Hunting Trick That Actually Works!

Waddy’s Trick for Shed Hunting in the South

Shed hunting in the south is tricky business. Dense cover, thick habitat, and available food sources can create a challenging shed hunt. This year, Michael Waddell decided to try a new idea to find more sheds. It worked! Check out this tip for shed hunting in the south in the video below!

Targeting areas that made it easier to find sheds, Michael spreads feed out in the pecan orchard, open food plots, and the logging roads of his hunting property. The important takeaway here is spreading the feed out. This makes feeding more difficult for the deer compared to it being in a pile. If the feed is spread out the deer have to work for it and spend more time picking up single grains over an open area. Michael did this by simply broadcasting the feed with a broadcast seeder and tractor. If you don’t have a seeder or spreader available simply broadcast the feed by hand.
This trick created much easier conditions to find sheds. Instead of being hidden throughout the dense brush and habitat on the property, some sheds were dropped in open and visible areas. While shed hunting in the northern regions of the United States is relatively simple, southern shed hunters have the need to get creative!
Are you in the south? Have you tried this trick or have one of your own for finding sheds in the south? If so comment below!
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