Michael Waddell’s Take On the October Lull

Michael Waddell Talks Deer Hunting The October Lull

(Video) Less than 24 hours after filming this video, Michael arrowed his best Georgia bow buck, ever! The best time to hunt the October Lull is anytime you can be in the woods! Here’s what Michael Waddell thinks about the October Lull.

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What is the October Lull ?

Perhaps it’s the reason many hunters completely write off October as far as hunting is concerned. The October lull seems to be experienced by nearly every hunter, in nearly every part of the whitetail’s range at some time or another. It begs the question, what is the October Lull and more importantly is it real or is it made up?

To examine the question  you have to look at what is going on during this particular time. The factors below sum up what many hunters believe cause the October lull.

  • Most deer seasons start around the beginning of October which means we have had almost a month’s time worth of hunting so far. This means hunters have most likely pressured their deer herd.
  • Crops are being harvested, severely changing whitetail food sources on and around hunting properties.
  • Another huge change is the weather and habitat. Cooler weather signals changing hormones and deer activity, but also the falling of leaves and laying down of brush, meaning bedding areas and core ranges are changing.
  • However, warm weather during October shuts down deer movement in many cases, meaning hunting cold fronts is often your only opportunity.
  • Acorns can also be a big killer in deer movement. With so much food spread out, it makes hunting difficult when you are trying to pin down a buck based off is movements.

The takeaway terms here are: pressure, weather, habitat, crops, and acorns.

These are just some of the factors a hunter can be presented with that might result in perceived “slow” movement.Many other hunters also believe that for reasons beyond these, the October lull is just a giant question mark with only one thing known: deer and more particularly bucks just do not move during the lull. Still, others say there is no such thing as the lull, and that deer activity will always be increasing approaching the rut.

One thing that is fact is that each person and the property they hunt on has their own experience and factors contributing to deer movement, This is why it is difficult to simply throw the term lull over a period of deer season. The perceived or real lull doesn’t matter, what does is that October is always a good time ( any time is) to be in the woods!

The Hunter Lull

The reality of the October lull is that it often creates a “Hunter’s Lull”

When you start hearing your brother, your dad, your cousin, and you hunting buddies throwing out the term “Lull” like yesterday’s trash, you know when to hunt! Take advantage of the October lull by hunting the hunter lull. With many hunters distraught by the recently perceived slow deer movement, it might create an opportunity for you. A past blog, “The Advantage of Being a Weekend Warrior”  revealed that after significant hunting pressure, an area, or even an entire property would experience a reduction in the chance to see bucks. It takes around 3 days for the effects of hunting pressure to wear off according to the research. This means 4-5 days after everyone leaves the woods fed up with the lull, you should experience a property untouched and unpressured. This is a golden opportunity…especially when you are hunting clubs, family farms, a lease, or public ground. The month of October could be a great opportunity to reach out a little further when you have all the open ground and harvest a buck before November arrives!

Use Your Tools during the Lull!

If you feel there is a lull, or feel like you are experiencing one yourself take some advice and use these tools to your advantage!

Trail Cameras

Trail cameras are and will always be one of the most important tools for hunting. They have even adapted to be even more important as there are now wireless trail cameras available. Trail cameras single-handedly tell you exactly what is going on in the deer woods. Movement, rut status, mature buck status…whatever intel you wish to receive,  once you use trail cameras, they start making up 90 % of the information you base your hunts off of. If you are in doubt, relocate your trail cameras to align with what should be happening as far as deer movement. The Bone Collector Blog supplies a lot of blogs on the topics of trail cameras. Below is a blog that could help you during this time.

Food Plots

Food plots, especially during October can be absolute big buck killers. While many hunters may sit on the couch with the October lull blues, you know the fact that deer need to eat…period! A food source is a food source, yes there will be varying  seasonal attractiveness depending on the species you plant but an attractive food source is always a good bet when you are in doubt of opportunity. Again, referring to hunting pressure, less is best. Keep pressure low on food sources over deer season. A heavily hunted clover plot or green field with a have a lull all it’s own if you don’t back off!

Mock Scrapes

October is the month of scrapes. Right now, during the last 2 weeks of October is when scrape activity hits a peak. The woods begin to be torn up with rubs and scrapes during late October. This can be confusing for many hunters as they keep hearing the term lull, but the woods tell a different story entirely. When in doubt trust your instinct and the sign in front of your face. Hunting over scrapes, or allowing trail cameras to gather information over mock scrapes with deer scent placed in it is a very successful tactic for October. While it’s true most scrape activity occurs at night, it can and does overlap during daylight.


Some states allow using attraction during the hunting season, if that’s the case in your state, use the tools to your advantage. If movement is slow, employ a long-range attractant like Big & J and bring the bucks to your property! Other than hunting over attraction, these products work great to place trail cameras over. This allows you to take inventory of which bucks currently utilize your property.

What is Your Take on the October Lull?

Lull or not, whatever your opinion the fact is that big bucks do go down in October. Will you pout about the lull, or use the potential hunter lull to your advantage? What hunting tools will you use to your advantage? These are all critical things to think about, don’t just slap the term L-U-L-L on slow deer movement. Get out there! Every moment in gods creation is a blessing, don’t let one word keep you from hunting.

deer hunting the october lull | Bone Collector

“Just days after filming this video on the October lull, Michael killed his biggest Georgia buck ever!”

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