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Michael Waddell’s Take | Spring Turkey Hunting, The Beauty Of Our God Given Right

Simple Thrill: Narrated By Michael Waddell | Knight & Hale Turkey Hunting Brand Video

The woods are sprawling with life during spring, and if you are familiar with hunting you know what we are talking about…turkey hunting is our beautiful god given right!

Simple Thrill: Narrated By Michael Waddell | Knight & Hale Turkey Hunting Brand Video
(video)- “For me it’s just something special about the spring time of the year… I heard a lot of people say, that really, turkey hunting is like a disease…” – Michael Waddell
As a turkey hunter you know that the feeling associated with hunting turkeys is “Indescribable.” Michael Waddell narrates our latest brand essence video and explains the “Simple Thrill” associated with chasing gobblers. Enjoy. 

Whether you are in it for the time, the beauty, the success, or just to get away from the hustle and bustle, turkey hunting offers something for all of us. Anyone who has got the fever for hunting, god’s creation, and the outdoors is ate up with it… and it’s strong. Apart of this thrill is not only the ole longbeard gobbling, it is testing your skill, calling him in talking the talk, using decoys, spending time with friends, and at the end of the day…the success and harvest is just the icing on the cake.

Spring turkey hunting is “indescribable if you have never experienced it”. Some people have called it “an addiction, an obsession…it is strong and it’s not just the hunt it’s also the time of year you are out there. The simple fact is turkey hunting is like a disease, your late for school, your late for work, because you can’t get enough…even if you have 30 minutes, you’re going to spend it just trying to make an ole turkey gobble.”

“Maybe it is just a simple thrill, but I really do think it is bigger than that, just being bigger than, fun than just being a thrill, it is something that is deep within us, and if you are a hunter you know exactly what I’m talking about. If if you’ve never experienced it is a God given right and is here for all of us!” – Michael Waddell

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