Michael Waddell’s Top 3 Rants of 2017

Michael Waddell’s Rants | Best of 2017

Throughout the year Michael has been in the spotlight for his Facebook Live videos. More appropriately simplified to “Michael Waddell’s rants”, these videos can range from a variety of topics. When Michael goes live on Facebook, you better start watching! As 2017 comes to a close we gathered the top 3 rants from Michael for the year. Ranging anywhere from politics and recent industry news to simply talking hunting, these rants cut straight to the point…

Rant #3: Michael from a Mountain Top!

One of the top rants from Waddy this year was from the top of a mountain in Arizona! While out of breath from hunting elk, Waddy couldn’t resist ranting on some recent news!

Rant #2: Protests at NWTF

Protests were a hot topic this past spring. To “fit in”, Michael Waddell went live and explained the reasoning behind some one-of-a-kind protest signs meant for the National Wild Turkey Federation show!

Rant #1: Michael Message to the Hunting Industry

One of the hardest hitting rants of 2017 was Michael Waddell’s direct message to the hunting industry. In light of the recent incidents in the hunting industry, Michael Waddell gave his opinion on the subject in the form of a live video. Given the nature of the recent incidents and how they portrayed the hunting industry, Waddy had to get a few things off his chest!

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