Michael Waddell’s Turkey Gun Setup 

Turkey Gun Setup

Michael Waddell gives us a close look at his personal turkey gun setup. Michael’s favorite turkey shotgun ihis old Remington® 11-87. With over 90 turkeys taken, represented by tallies on the sight rib, this gun has seen a lot of action! Check out the video and read below for the details of Michael’s turkey gun setup!

Turkey Gun Specifics

Michael’s 11-87 features a 21-inch barrel, custom leather strap, and an Indian Creek .665 turkey extended choke tube. Over the years Michael has tested a lot of choke tubes. Some of his favorite turkey choke tubes include Jebs, Kicks, and Rhinos.

Michael runs Hornady® Heavy Magnum #5 shot, 3-inch turkey loads through the 11-87. This turkey ammo combination with the Indian Creek choke tube is a perfect combination for Michael’s setup.

Is a Shorter or Longer Barrel Better for a Turkey Gun? 

A 21-inch barrel may seem short for many hunters, but is the extra length really needed? While many hunters might think it takes a longer barrel to create a great pattern, like a 28 inch or 30-inch barrel in the case of many duck guns, a shorter barrel can still produce a great pattern while also offering other advantages.  A short gun, especially in the south or in habitats with lots of underbrush, small trees, or high grass, it is hard to swing a long gun on an incoming turkey. A shorter barrel allows a hunter to maneuver the shotgun easier, avoiding catching the gun on brush, and ultimately eliminating unnecessary movement in front of a keen gobbler.

Other Turkey Gun Accessories 

Michael also recently installed an accessory to his setup, a gun mounted Tactacam™. In one of his recent hunts, he captured the action as he harvested a bird alone, without a camera crew. Watch the Tactacam™ turkey hunting video here.

Traditionally a Tactacam™ action camera is mounted under the barrel, but Michael chose to mount it on the side of the shotgun with zip ties. This allows him to turn the camera on and start recording without having to reach up on the front of the gun. This setup allows Michael, or any other hunter to easily film a turkey hunt!

Michael’s New Remington Turkey Gun

Michael’s newest addition to his turkey hunting arsenal is the new Remington® Versa Max® Realtree® EDGE™ camo. This shotgun normally with a 28-inch barrel has been customized for Michael’s preference of a 22-inch barrel. It cycles 2¾” to 3½” and is equipped with a factory extended choke tube. Michael’s Versa Max shotgun is set up specifically for turkey, but it also makes for a reliable shotgun for dove hunters, duck hunters, and hunters that will use the features of the gun to its fullest extent.

Check out the new Remington® Versa Max® Shotgun Here.

Is Michael’s turkey gun setup similar to your setup? Comment below with your setup or any other questions you might have concerning turkey guns! Also be sure to check out Michael’s video on how to clean a turkey the easy way!


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