Is No Glow a Must in 2021 for Cell Cameras?

No Glow Trail Cameras and Cell Cameras

While it might feel like cell cameras are still a relatively new technology, they have been out now for several years. And trail camera strategies for deer hunting will never be the same in states where they are legal. For most hunters employing cell cameras, their strategy can never go back to a time before their use. The benefits of instant information without checking or pressuring a camera’s location just far outweigh the cost and monthly subscription charges. But now, cell cameras are starting to truly expand into some game-changing technology, including No Glow/No Glo wireless trail cameras.

Making the Switch to Cellular Cameras

Normally, at the start or middle of deer season, you might start finding some good cell camera deals and sales, including some discounts or a free month or two of data. If you haven’t taken advantage of cell cameras up to this point, make this year the first! Checking cameras, missing potentially time-crucial data, and wasting what could be valuable scouting or tree stand time with non-cell cameras can really hinder your deer season. Some of the most crucial times to be in the deer stand are the moments when trail camera data can make or break a season. These times or “events” might include the peak chase phase, October cold fronts, or in the late-season over a food source. All of these big buck-killing opportunities can be hurt one way or another by either not receiving the intel of a big buck’s visit or the pressure that comes with checking the card.  

Another hidden value that comes with years of cell camera use is simply the ability to hunt more properties. Without having to take time to pull cards, you can double that time to scout and put out even more cameras. If you’re running 3 cameras on each of the 2 properties you hunt, that’s a solid amount of time to pull cards every 2 weeks of the season. This does not even mention the time you might be spending hunting blindly without intel to keep your camera spots unpressured. You could use both that hunting time and the time spent pulling cards to put out 3 more cameras on 2-3 new properties! This will inevitably lead to more opportunities, more potential target bucks, and eventually even better hunting. 

No matter what your reservation, buying a cell camera now will be a good investment for the season, future seasons, your time, and your wallet. The cell cameras of today are far more advanced than your current lineup of cameras, and they can last season after season. They are also starting to reveal some staggering technology paired with the ability to instantly receive a picture to your phone.

New Cell Camera Technology 

Some of the best new trail camera technology has obviously been integrated into or originated directly from cell cameras in recent years. One of the newest cellular trail cameras to hit the market makes a big stride, the new CelluCORE™ from Bushnell®. This camera fuses cell camera technology with cellular networks and sending valuable intel, with No Glow LED flash technology to ensure it doesn’t tip off deer. 

“Bushnell’s CelluCORE camera just made it interesting with a fast, reliable cellular trail camera for those of us that love scouting from our home & work!” – Michael Waddell’s Bone Collector

The CelluCORE cellular trail cameras are feature-rich and easy to use. They connect, receive, and sort high-quality images faster and hold up with rugged reliability season after season. You’ll get clear day and night photos sent right to your devices, plus long battery life, and have a simple setup process. With CelluCORE, you’ve got everything you want in a cellular trail camera, for less. So go bag that trophy. Then toast with the good stuff. 

  • ATT (A30) or Verizon (V30) 
  • Legendary reliability – built to withstand every weapon Mother Nature throws at it 
  • Crystal Clear 30MP images 
  • No-Glow LED / 100-foot night range 
  • High output IR LEDs for better night range and superior battery life 
  • 12 AA battery capacity for longer life in the field 
  • 3-Preset Menus + Advanced Mode 
  • 3″ In-camera color view screen 
  • 0.2-second trigger speed 
  • HD video with audio 
  • Removable battery tray for easy changes 
  • First 30 days are FREE (a $15 value!) 
  • Data plans starting at $10 based on usage 
  • Up to 32GB (card not included) 

Is No Glo Needed?

So is No Glo or “Black Flash” really needed? If you are asking this question, it is a good idea to go back and look at where trail cameras have come from, especially as they relate to spooking deer or alerting other hunters/trespassers.  

White Flash vs. Infrared Trail Cameras

White flash trail cameras would have a flash, which could blind someone walking in front of it, including deer! However, even night photos were in full color, making for a stunning picture! The upgraded IR cameras even emit some low-level readout in a deer’s vision, but they are far less likely to get spooked from an IR flash compared to a white flash camera. This was also slightly upgraded later to “Low Glow” IR trail cameras, which had a softer, more subtle IR flash.  

Infrared vs. No Glo Trail Cameras 

“Black flash” or true No Glo cameras have the lowest possible visible spectrum of light for both humans and deer, essentially resulting in no flash. As you can imagine, this makes it the perfect camera for security, or not spooking does and mature bucks.  The one takeaway or difference you will note from IR to No Glo is the flash distance.  

Remember, one of the main reasons many hunters go with cell cameras is the fact that they can help eliminate all pressure from a given area, while still providing good intel. That effect can be a wash if a cell camera is spooking deer, especially the experienced old mature buck! Cell cameras can allow you to put a camera into a location you normally wouldn’t, on the account that you need to pull a card every other week during deer season. These areas can include bedding areas or scrapes deep into public land or even your property where you want to keep pressure to a bare minimum. The new No Glow CelluCORE cell camera from Bushnell keeps the advantage in your favor by keeping the deer clueless to any human involvement, whatsoever, ensuring you get your data and intel without spooking your target bucks.