Overlooked Deer Hunting Tactics for this fall – Michael Waddell Tips

Two Commonly Overlooked Deer Hunting Tactics

In this Backyard Life video, Michael Waddell’s sharing two simple, yet commonly overlooked deer hunting tactics. And the Bone Collector star has proof that they work—especially if you live in the south like he does.

Clearing and Maintaining Lanes

When hunting whitetail deer, the first thing Waddell does (normally in August and September) is clear and maintain his hunting lanes. While bush hogging is how most hunters deal with grown-up lanes, Waddell handles this chore with his Exmark Lazer Z zero-turn. Deer love bedding habit and—with his food plots—Waddell needs to keep lanes clear. He’s created a wagon-wheel-shaped food plot, and has positioned his hunting stand in the middle of it to serve as a “spoke.” By doing so, the deer will use these lanes as spokes (as opposed to traveling thicker areas)  and funnel directly into shooting sight. If you use a mower like Waddell does, he suggests adjusting your deck height, accordingly.