Personalize Tradition With a Custom Gun Sling

Personalized Rifle and Shotgun Slings are Always the Right Size Gift

For Sportsmen and women, the roots and tradition of the hunt runs deep. There are few days more meaningful than days in the field for hunters. Whether you are pursuing rutting whitetails on a cool November day, gobbling turkeys on a warm spring afternoon, or bull elk ripping bugles in the September woods, there is a sense of reverence and heritage that is undeniable. Regardless of the quarry, or even the success of the days hunt, admiration and respect for the game, the opportunity, and the heritage is profound.

Hunting Traditions Can Start Now

A hunter’s heritage and tradition can mean a variety of things. For some, it’s carrying grandpa’s worn pocket knife into the field, for others maybe it’s dad’s cherished deer rifle, others still find their heritage in a special place or location: a camp, a blind, or maybe a hollowed stump in the woods.  

It’s never too late to start a new hunting tradition and create new family heirlooms. Little things can grow to have significant value, many times it’s the little things that provide the largest worth when given as a gift or passed down from one hunter to another. 

Like stories from past adventures shared around the campfire, simple personal items that are made to last lifetimes can provide a connection to hunts yet to come, and a window to hunts gone by.  

One item, unique to hunting, and personal to the hunter is a hunter’s firearm sling. At its simplest, a hunter’s sling is simply a tool. At a deeper level, a hunter’s sling is a tangible part of the hunt, the tradition, the experience, and the heritage of hunting. When a hunter’s firearm sling is handcrafted and personalized that association is deepened. Crafted from enduring and durable components, a rifle sling can easily become part of your hunting tradition.

Leather Gun Slings Are Timeless

Few materials are as timeless and durable as genuine quality leather. With a minimal amount of care and maintenance, a leather gun sling will be a treasure to pass on. Only select natural materials can offer the warmth and tradition that’s tangible like leather can. The weight of your rifle pulled tight against a leather sling placed firmly on your shoulder can be as familiar to you as your favorite coffee mug in the morning. With classic, sturdy construction; a leather gun sling will last generations, creating a family heirloom with function and hunting at its core. 

Bone Collector Rifle Slings Are Personal Works of Art

With a classic “old school” look, and built from tough as nails high-quality leather, the shotgun and rifle slings from Bone Collector are truly works of art. These slings are designed to universally fit any long gun designed to accept a 1” sling. Whether it’s for your turkey shotgun, your favorite deer rifle, a muzzleloader rifle, or even your varmint camp gun; these custom order slings are the perfect fit.

The guys at Bone Collector offer a fantastic opportunity for a customized leather gun sling. You’ve got the opportunity to choose the color of the leather stain, and have your sling custom stamped with your first or last name, or maybe even your nickname around hunting camp.  Built with a satisfaction, lifetime guarantee, these slings will become a part of your hunting tradition. Individually handcrafted in the United States, Bone Collector’s personalized firearm slings fit the bill of function, tradition, durability, and artistry on all accounts.  

Rifle Sling Ergonomics

Choosing a sling that is not only tough, but designed with purpose to be functional in the field is critical to your firearm setup and to your hunt. Bone Collector’s custom leather gun slings are designed with functionality at the top of mind along with craftsmanship. These slings are made by hunters for hunters. The Bone Collector slings have a padded back made with split leather to resist slipping off of your shoulder when you’re moving through the woods and fields. The backside of the firearm slings offers just enough padding to resist fatigue, but not so much that it becomes cumbersome on the shoulder.  

A unique detail built into the Bone Collector firearm sling is the thumb hole feature. Creatively designed for function in the field, the thumb hole provides the perfect latch for an easy grip on the sling. Having the ability to gain an easy purchase on your gun sling to pull it on or off quickly is critical to a firearm sling’s function. The crew at Bone Collector is at home in the woods, and adding the thumb hole feature just made sense, it’s just one way that Bone Collector is passing some of their woods wisdom onto their friends and customers.

Personalized Firearm Slings are the Perfect Gift

For most hunters, passing on the cherished tradition and way of life of the woods and water is the greatest accomplishment. Days spent in the field with friends and family are cherished above any long beard, or set of antlers. Giving a personalized gift to friends and family that are a part of the brotherhood is always the perfect gift 

Whether it’s a gift to celebrate the holidays, a way to say thank you, or to commemorate a hunters first season, the Bone Collector Custom Gun Sling is an outstanding treasure that is sure to be cherished for hunts and seasons to come. Personalize a timeless leather gun sling for your friends and family, and start a new hunting tradition this season.


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