Saving a Food Plot from a Drought

Saving Fall Food Plots from Drought

When the Georgia sun turns up the heat, it really turns it up! September had much of the Midwest locked in a drought and food plots really took a hit. To make it worse, this lead to several states being severely affected by Epizootic hemorrhagic disease (EHD)! But now it seems it’s the Souths turn for a drought.  So if you’re in the south, and have a food plot planted or are planning to… expect the worstWhen facing little to no rain, here is what you can do to ensure you have at least some green to hunt over, come the rut.

Timely Planting

The first and last thought that goes into any food plot planting should be timing it in accordance with rain. Know when the seeds or mix you selected should be planted within a 30 day window, then time the actual planting within a day or two of any precipitation predicted.

Doubt the Weatherman

From opposite wind directions once in the stand to that cold front that never showed up, we all doubt our weatherman at some point during the season. But during food plot planting season it helps to be extra cautious. Radar confirmation, 90% + chance of rain, and storm clouds rumbling in the distance might just be the guarantee you need to plant if you’re already facing drought conditions.

Give Some Extra Love to Your Soil

When, or if, the time comes to plant, make sure you have the soil prepped to the best of your abilities! Adding the right amount of food plot lime and fertilizer before planting ensures you’re not hurting your plot or the herd’s visit to it with extra maintenance. With Bone Collector’s BuckGro you can simply apply the soil fertilizer formula before planting, with a follow up of the foliar spray to help maximize food plot growth.  

Save What Little Green You Have

If by some miracle you have some green in your scorched plots, there might just be some hope if you give it some TLC. You can do two things in this situation: One broadcast/plant more seeds, particularly in the bare spots to thicken the plot and allow it to hold more moisture and two, give the plants an extra kick of nutrients to express more potential with BuckGro Foliar Spray. The spray is a foliar fertilizer that you spray directly onto the plant’s foliage, allowing them to grow optimally in a drought, and explode when rain finally hits the plot.

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