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Spring Food Plots | Don’t Waste Rain Chances

Spring Food Plots for Deer | Make the Most Out Of Rain Chances

The days of spring are dwindling away. Turkey season is running out, morels have startled shriveling away, and your mind is only left with deer season in the distant future. Do yourself a favor this spring. Besides watching Michael, Nick, and T-Bone slay tom after tom on the Bone Collectors exclusively on Outdoor Channel, take a drive out to the hunting property. These last spring showers bring a precious substance for the deer manager and hunter…rain! Don’t waste another rain chance, instead plant spring food plots for deer!

Think of spring as the wet season or monsoon season you see on national geographic. Rain is that life giving matter that seems to save every wildebeest, zebra, and other African species! On the other hand, summer turns the continent into dry arid land. While the effects are not that drastic here in the white-tailed deer’s world, some of the same conclusions can be drawn. You need to take advantage of the rain, and that means getting in spring food plots for deer while there is water.

When talking spring food plots for deer, one species jumps into mind immediately – clover. Clover plots do exceptionally well during the spring weather. This might be completely obvious but the true power of perennial food plots are often forgotten. Spring brings nutrients, growth, and obviously water, but it also brings fawns, antlers, and recuperation from a long winter. Now you might be big on soybeans, but the fact still remains that you need some sort of food out there when late winter pods are depleted and the soil is still not at the magic 55-60 degrees. This gives just one of the numerous reasons to be out planting perennial food plots in the spring, which surfaces the true reason you’re out in this rainstorm…to plant!

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Rain can be a poor man’s equipment. While it doesn’t bring the most successful results compared to using tillage equipment, it still gets the job done. Broadcasting clover or other small seeded species in rain, on your bare or already planted food plot will allow for good seed activation. Along with the right conditions, it will make for decent first year spring food plots for deer or “thicker” existing food plots.

So whether it’s filling in some patchy food plots, planting where equipment can’t reach, or simply trying to make the most out of your property food plot system, the key is using rain. Use it to your advantage, plant your food plot, then you can come back, and watch the Bone Collectors do some more damage on Outdoor Channel!

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