How to Stay Warm During Late Season Deer Hunts

Don’t Let Cold Weather Freeze You Out of Late Season Deer Hunting

Hunting late season whitetails is a terrific way to get outdoors and enjoy the last the season has to offer. Whether you are pursuing a bruiser buck on his rut recovery food source, or doing some late season doe management, there are many great reasons to get out on a late season hunt. Hunting whitetails during late season does come with its own considerations. This time of year, the days are short, and there is a good chance the temperatures will be frigid. Staying warm during your late season deer hunts is critical to staying in the hunt, and your success. Staying comfortable during your hunt is directly related to investing time in the woods and having those encounters we all crave. Don’t let cold temperatures freeze you out of late season deer hunting and out of the woods. Here are some tips and tricks to stay warm and comfortable during late season deer hunting. 


Dress in Layers to Stay Warm during Late Season Deer Hunts

The clothing you choose for late season deer hunts is crucial to your warmth and comfort. Consider not only scent systems and camouflage patterns, but insulation properties, moisture wicking, breathability, and wind blocking.

Develop a Layering System

Using layers of clothing in your late season deer hunting system is a critical way to be flexible, mobile, and ready for whatever Mother Nature sends your way during the hunt. Put together a layering system of clothing from next to the skin garments, to mid layers, and outer layers that works for you and your budget. Consider protection from wind, insulation, and breathability of the fabrics in your system.

Managing Perspiration during Late Season Will Help You Stay in the Hunt

When it comes to cold weather, perspiration and moisture are the enemy. Dampness produced by sweat is a deal breaker on a cold late season morning or afternoon sit. One of the fastest ways to end a hunt too soon is a long sweaty walk in that turns into a bone chilling cold. Use your layering system to pack in wearing fewer and lighter layers with outer layers in your pack, and allow yourself time for an easy walk in. Choose next to the skin layers like merino wool or polyester that wick moisture and keep you dry. Avoid overheating through managing clothing layers and activity to stay warm and dry on your hunt.

Upsize Your Pack to Allow Efficient Layering

The efficient use of a layering system requires the layers to make it work. Frigid mornings hunts, and frozen afternoon sits are more than doable if you’ve got the ability to dress for warmth. Packing in that extra mid layer and outerwear, and an extra pair of mittens, or a hand-warmer muff requires a little extra room in your pack. Upgrading your pack to accommodate added room will assure you have the gear you need on the hunt. A pack large enough to accommodate your outer clothing layer, a thermos, and some heat packs is a must.

Heat Packs Can Make Long Cold Hunts Enjoyable

Whether you choose oxygen activated chemical heat packs, rechargeable electronic heat packs, or lighter fluid heat packs; they provide welcome relief from the cold during late season hunts.

Use Heat Packs to Keep Your Hands Warm on Late Season Deer Hunts

Extremities like fingers and toes are the first body parts to get cold during cold weather hunts. Keeping fingers warm on late season deer hunts is critical to staying in the hunt and filling your tag. Using external heat packs is a terrific way to keep your fingers warm when everything outside is frozen. There are multiple ways to use heat packs to keep your hands warm during the hunt.

Dropping heat packs into your mittens is a great way to keep your hands warm during late season deer hunts. External heat packs in a hand warming muff is also a terrific option when the temperature drops and the deer are on the move. Finally, don’t underestimate simply putting an external heat pack into your jacket or coat pockets to warm your hands when they begin to feel winters sting.

Heat Packs for Your Feet

Just like keeping your hands and fingers warm, keeping toes warm during cold weather, late season deer hunts will extend your hunt and increase your odds of success. Using external heat packs designed to adhere to your socks, or go in the toe of your boots, or even heated insoles is a fantastic way to keep your feet warm on the coldest hunt. Paired with the Bone Collector Everest insulated boot and layered moisture wicking socks; heat packs for your feet can mean the difference between misery and notching your tag on the hunt.

Heat Up Your Vest or Jacket

Maintaining the body temperature in your core, or midsection is critical to keeping your extremities warm. Wearing layers, utilizing moisture wicking fabrics, and wind blocking garments in a system will go a long way to keeping your core temperature stable, but on miserably cold days sometimes that’s not enough. Using heat packs tucked in a vest or jacket along the beltline on your lower back is an ideal tactic to keep your kidney area and midsection warm. Adding external heat to this area gives your internal thermostat a boost keeping your core nice and toasty for a long all day sit in the cold.  


Stay Warm Deer Hunting with Creature Comforts

Bringing along a few added extras on frigid late season deer hunts can really ratchet up the enjoyment of the hunt. It doesn’t take much to go a long way in adding some coziness to an otherwise frozen hunt.

Bring Along Your Thermos

A piping hot cup of coffee, tea, cocoa, cider, or whatever your fancy is can really take the edge off when the thermometer is reading single digits. Simply holding a steamy cup of something warm can lift your spirits and warm your state of mind. Consider a small thermos filled with hot noodle soup or even broth to help lift your internal temperature and spirits when you feel like your hunt is going ice cold.

Put a Heater in the Blind

If your hunting from the ground; either in a popup style blind, or a hard sided blind like the Redneck Hunting Blind, a small heater can make the world of difference during the hunt. For the hunter who has the luxury of hunting in a protected blind with drive in access, bringing in a small propane heater and fuel a few days before your hunt is an amazing addition.

Beat the Freeze to Fill Your Late Season Deer Tag

The days are short, and the deer season calendar is long, but if you don’t mind a little planning you can fill that late season deer tag without suffering the deep freeze. With consideration of clothing choices, putting a layering system into practice, external heat packs, and a few creature comforts; you can enjoy the last days of deer season in comfort.

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