T-Bone’s Hunting Trip Travel Tips

T-Bone’s Travel Tips for your Hunting Trips

Traveling for hunting trips is one experience the Bone Collector crew knows well. From cross-country road trips in Chevy trucks to out of state or out of country flights to exotic hunting locations, the Bone Collector crew has mastered a thing or two about traveling. Whether it is a boring 8-hour flight or a 24-hour drive, Travis “T-Bone” Turner has a couple travel tips that come from years of hunting trip experience!


Topic: Airport / Flying

T-Bone Answer: “If your flight is in or out around rush hour, allow extra time for traffic and if you’re having to check extra bags it takes a while Choose the window seat for best sleeping on the plane, and if the seats are tight, imagine that it is tree stand training. Hold your pee, don’t move, and be quiet!”


Topic: Packing for a Hunting Trip

T-Bone Answer: “Pack enough but be smart too, if you can, take your bow case whether it’s a gun hunt or bow hunt. There is a ton of room in a bow case to pack extra clothes and stuff to cushion your bow or gun and you can use on your trip. The airlines allow you 50 to sometimes 70 pounds each piece of luggage so pack the gear in. Also take your binoculars, range finders, and boots on the plane with you. It shaves weight and you can protect them when they are with you.”


Topic: Driving to Hunting Camp

T-Bone Answer: “When driving down back roads or interior roads of a club, TURN YOUR LIGHTS OFF IN DAYTIME!”


Topic: Pit Stops, Food, and Fueling

“My favorite restaurant is Carrabba’s, but when road tripping I love LOVES TRUCK STOP. They are clean, consistent, they are all over,  and their brand of beef jerky is the best period!”


Topic: Bucket List Hunts

We have been blessed to do so much if we went nowehere else I would be fine with it…However, my 3 bucket list hunts are:


  1. Alaskan Moose hunt with a bow
  2. African plains game and warthog all with a bow
  3. A hunt in Australia and New Zealand


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